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Creating Company Policies for Telework

By Trent Cotney When news came of a new virus known as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), most workplaces elected to move to remote work. What many businesses thought would be a few weeks out of the office turned into a few months and then a few more. Although some of these businesses have now returned, many realize they can function and thrive from home. Companies like Twitter announced the option for employees to work from… Read More

Cotney Law: 3 Reasons Why a Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied

By Trent Cotney Workers’ compensation fraud is a common issue that plagues all workplaces, including the construction industry. Unfortunately, there are over 30 billion dollars wrongfully allocated to claimants annually who cheat the system by successfully filing a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim. Although some of these claims are willful in nature, involving employees that falsely reported an injury, many workers’ compensation claims are made in good faith. However, that doesn’t mean they should have been… Read More

Cotney Law: Florida Workers’ Comp Insurance Rate Cut Effective January 1

By Trent Cotney On November 6, Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier issued a final order approving a 7.5% decrease for Florida workers’ compensation insurance rates. The rate cut goes into effect January 1, 2020, and applies to both new and renewal workers’ compensation insurance policies effective in Florida. Trent Cotney, PA This is the third straight year workers’ comp insurance rates have been reduced. Previously, rates for 2019 were cut by 13.9% and rates for… Read More

OSHA Enforcement Set to Increase

Reprinted from the May 2019 Cotney Construction Law Update On April 3, 2019, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta testified before a subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives on behalf of President Trump and the Department of Labor. In addition to testifying, Acosta submitted a seventeen-page report outlining the Department of Labor’s plans for fiscal year 2020 and beyond. Acosta made a number of statements about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), its recent enforcement… Read More

Summary of Florida Senate Bill 674

Reprinted from the April 2019 Cotney Construction Law Update Senate Bill (SB) 674 is being proposed by the Florida Senate in the 2019 legislative session. This bill proposal is to amend the already existing Florida Statute 489.113, which governs the qualifications and restrictions for the practice of contracting. Bill SB 674 proposes to amend section 2 of the statute, which allows for non-certified and non-registered subcontractors to perform work under the supervision of a person/contractor… Read More

OSHA’s Five Year Look Back Period Cap No Longer Enforced

By Trent Cotney – Excerpted from the Cotney Construction Law Update Newsletter – September 2018 Prior to 2015, OSHA’s Field Operations Manual states that an employer may be cited for a repeat violation if “the citation is issued within 3 years of the final order date of the previous citation or within 3 years of the final abatement date, whichever is later.” In simple language this meant that OSHA may look back no further than… Read More