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Viega Expands FKM Sealing Element Offerings

Viega LLC is introducing new sizes for its MegaPress® FKM line, while also adding an all-new MegaPress® 316 FKM line. Both systems of additional MegaPress FKM fittings were introduced at AHR Expo earlier this month in Orlando, Fla. MegaPress FKM is now available in ½” to 4″ fittings for carbon steel pipe. It’s suitable for renovations, repairs or installation of new carbon steel pipe systems. It’s approved for use in hydronic heating, compressed air, fire… Read More

Viega Introduces MegaPressG Fittings in Larger Sizes

Viega’s MegaPress®G press fitting technology is now available for carbon steel pipe up to 4″. Three new fitting sizes were introduced at AHR Expo earlier this month in Orlando. Viega, the leader in press fitting technology, is introducing MegaPressG fittings for 2½”, 3″ and 4″ pipe. The new fittings join the current MegaPressG offerings of ½” to 2” fittings to create a comprehensive lineup of fittings approved for use in gas and fuel oil applications. Read More

Viega Announces Winter Training Schedule

Viega, LLC has announced its Winter 2019-20 lineup of courses at its seminar centers in Broomfield, Colo., and Nashua, N.H. The offerings include topics from commercial piping solution to radiant design and LoopCAD. With two fully equipped state-of-the-art seminar centers, Viega is an industry leader in supporting the trades and helping contractors become more versatile, skilled and efficient. To date, more than 40,000 people, from self-employed contractors to employees of large firms, have taken courses… Read More

Viega Announces New MegaPress 3-Piece Ball Valve

Viega LLC is proud to announce that 3-Piece Ball Valves are now available for its MegaPress® carbon and stainless steel pipe pressing systems. The newest component of Viega’s MegaPress system is approved for all MegaPress applications, excluding natural gas. It’s available in ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½” and 2” sizes. It is available in multiple materials for specific applications. The carbon steel valve is available with EPDM and FKM sealing elements. The 304 stainless… Read More

Viega PEX Fittings Receive ASTM Certification

Viega LLC is proud to announce that fittings for its PureFlow®Press system have received ASTM International certification. Viega’s fittings have always met ASTM standards, and listed its PureFlow Press fittings under the ASTM F877 standard, but the company now has pioneered a new standard for itsr PureFlow Press connections, ASTM F3347 and ASTM F3348. Viega then submitted its products to NSF International in order to receive the official certifications, said Seth Larson, products manager, plastics,… Read More

Viega Names New Head of Human Resources

Industry veteran Terry Samona has been named Vice President of Human Resources at Viega LLC. Terry Samona Terry oversees human resources management and development at Viega’s operations in the U.S., including headquarters and a seminar center in Broomfield, Colo.; a manufacturing plant and distribution hub in McPherson, Kan.; three additional distribution centers in Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania; and a seminar center in Nashua, N.H. “Terry’s skill and experience make him the right person to ensure… Read More