Chad Modello, Jeremy Helton and Kyle Foster

Testo Winter Rebate

January 05, 2021

Jeremy Helton, Chad Modello and Kyle Foster of United Refrigeration in Slidell are excited about the Testo Winter Rebate 2020.

Store manager Jeremy Helton explained, “Our customers can purchase a Testo 550 or 557 digital manifold kit and receive up to $75 cash back. This offer is in effect during the months of December and January. Both of these manifolds can be purchased with hose kits and both have a three year warranty if you register online with Testo.”

Chad Modello, Jeremy Helton and Kyle Foster
Chad Modello, Jeremy Helton and Kyle Foster

Kyle Foster expounded, “The testo 550 digital manifold includes a metal frame around the display, which protects the digital manifold from impact. It has a 2-way valve block with three connections. It comes with 60 refrigerant profiles and can also be used for leak tests. You can view measurement data on your smartphone enabling you to quickly and conveniently complete and document your job. Then, you are able to finalize the documentation and send the report and invoice via email, right from the job site. The app can also be used to download new refrigerants from online, directly to the manifold. It measures high side and low side pressures and temperatures and displays saturation and evaporation temperatures. Our customers love that it has automatic superheat and subcooling calculations.”

Chad Modello added, “The testo 557 is a four valve digital manifold that was developed to lighten a technician’s workload. It allows him to organize his working time more efficiently and to deliver more accurate measurement results. It offers quick, precise measurement of high and low pressure because two temperature-compensated pressure sensors make this possible and automatically calculate the evaporation and condensation temperature. Simultaneous calculation of superheating and subcooling does away with manual calculations. You also get a high-precision Pirani vacuum probe with the digital manifold, enabling you to carry out accurate vacuum measurement and making it easier to evacuate refrigeration systems and heat pumps. And you get two clamp temperature probes to reliably measure the surface temperature of the refrigerant lines.”

Jeremy Helton concluded, “The hose kit for the 557 includes four hoses that are five foot long and so there is no need to switch over refrigerant hoses. Other key functions of the 4-valve manifold are temperature-compensated leakage testing and automatic ambient pressure compensation.”

Contact your nearest Testo distributor for more information on the Testo Winter Rebate 2020.