The Dauber Stopper

The Dauber Stopper: New Product Set to Protect Your Customers and Grow Your Revenue

March 13, 2019

The Dauber Stopper,™, is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind new product by Modern AC Products, LLC. This easy-to-install insect screen protects AC emergency drain lines from the destructive and pesky mud dauber wasps, which frequently build their nests in the exposed drain line opening along the soffit of the home.

The Dauber StopperThe creators of this fresh new invention are Jerrod Harrell, a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor and the president of Texas Professional Surveying, LLC, one of the largest and most successful land surveying firms in the State of Texas, and Rex Bryant, an eighty-year-old retired Air Force, Navy, and HVAC technician.

The two met as a result of a survey, and Rex pitched the concept to Jerrod. Rex says he has seen countless people over the years suffer thousands of dollars in costly water damage because a dauber nest was blocking the emergency drain line. “The Dauber Stopper™ not only protects A/C drain lines,” says Rex, “but water heater lines as well, and for the cost, it is well worth the investment and peace of mind for your family.”

If you ask Jerrod, he will tell you, “Jesus ordered my steps. It was simply a God thing that directed me to meet Rex that day.” Jerrod recalls, “I was really drawn to Rex’s idea because of its ingenuity and simplicity! It was surprising to me that there was nothing on the market to protect homes from this constant problem.”

By adding The Dauber Stopper to new installs and service visits, you will enhance your customer’s experience by:

  • Preventing pests from clogging the drain lines.
  • Protecting homeowners from unnecessary water damage.
  • Providing a more finished appearance to the home.

The Dauber Stopper™ is the easiest and most effective way to ensure your customers won’t experience service interruptions due to a clogged drain line and a float switch shutting the unit off.

The Dauber Stopper™ is currently available at Carrier Enterprise.