Jerry Lawson

The Inside Story

June 25, 2021

I was given a great gift many years ago when my dear friends in the HVAC Industry asked me to be their newsman. My column, “THE INSIDE STORY”, quickly became my way of sharing personal insights in this great industry.

Jerry Lawson
Jerry Lawson

Over the years, many things have changed in our industry. Some good, some not so good. Your INSIDER is one of those things that managed to hold true to its humble beginnings.
Below is an exerpt from “The Inside Story” in 2001 ASHRAE SPECIAL REPORT my very first standalone National Edition.

Amazingly very little has changed, with the exception of the pandemic.

My vision for these publications is still the same today. I’m a little older, we’re still mailing over 100,000 papers across the lower 48 states, and I’m still proud to be your newsman.

Special Report 2001 ASHRAE/AHR Expo Atlanta

“With this edition, the HVAC Insider is now being mailed directly to more than 115,000 HVAC and refrigeration professionals from California to New England to Florida. Our national quarterly report is now a truly national publication.

The paper you are reading is an integral section of the 14 HVAC Insiders we publish covering the Eastern United States. It is also being mailed to every licensed contractor in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

We were asked to provide this service by our friends in the industry and for the past twelve years, we have published a “national” report following the ASHRAE show. This was included in our growing roster of HVAC/R editions on a once a year basis.”

We have now been publishing the HVAC National Quarterly papers for 20 years. 4 Western editions and 15 regional editions.

Our papers are still mailed and can be found on our website and we are very excited to say, coming soon our new website will be launched.

Insider Newspapers, Inc. is a privately, family owned corporation. Thank you from the heart.