The Inside Story

By Jerry M. Lawson

The annual AHR EXPO is the single best opportunity we in the HVAC industry have to see, touch and experience the equipment and programs vital to success in our business.
Jerry Lawson, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Jerry Lawson, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The EXPO started as the ASHRAE show. It has grown and continues to grow. The products we sell and service are evolving and improving. We need this annual show to keep us current on what to expect.

I know that it is hard for contractors and dealers to attend events in far-away cities. This is exactly why the AHR moves from Chicago, to Orlando, to Atlanta, Las Vegas and other major cities. It is usually held at the end of January.
Your HVAC Insider has been a part of this show since 1992. We have a booth where you can pick up current copies of our 15 newspapers and visit with reporters to tell your story. We will be taking your photos and publishing your images nationwide. You can prove to the world that you were there.
A few years ago the three biggest names in HVAC decided to boycott the show. That didn’t last long, they are back and very impressive.
I always suspect that when big companies hire MBAs or so-called financial whizzes, they really don’t have any idea about the nuts and bolts of real business. To these pencil pushers all advertising, trade shows and marketing programs are a waste of money.
In the short fifty-five years that I have worked in the news business, I have seen multiple  companies slide down from number one to just another brand. That’s what happens when you take your leadership position for granted.