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Thermasi LLC. Unveils Revolutionary Product Line Cocoon at AHR Expo

March 28, 2020

Missouri-based company, Thermasi, is proud to unveil its revolutionary new line of heating solutions, “Cocoon” at the worlds premiant showcase for new HVAC technology, the AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida. Cocoon offers advantages and efficiencies that are set to shakeup the industry for years to come.

“I am so excited to unveil Cocoon here in Orlando where the best minds in the business can see the revolutionary advances that we have made with our system,” said Allen Coggins, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Thermasi LLC. “Saving up to 41% a month on heating bills combined with savings on cooling bills can change lives year-round. Consumers love the savings, comfort, and longevity of our thermal mass systems, while distributers and contractors appreciate our easy, multi-positional installation options, and readily available components. For too long heating has been evolving at a snail’s pace with benefits unseen by customers; let me tell you every person who installs a Cocoon system will understand the improvement right away when their monthly bill is cut almost in half. A revolution that I am truly proud of.”

In addition to the modern slate of HVAC products, Cocoon will also be launching a new nationwide energy Co-op, giving members access to SMART energy controls including peak shaving/power shaving, backup power for life critical systems, remote freeze/heat protection, as well as micro grid and emergency power for those times of utility outages.

Coggins immediately saw the need for a co-op program with the introduction of Cocoon’s customizable capabilities. “What does a consumer want out of a heating and cooling system? They want quality, affordability, and consistency. Our Cocoon systems offers quality and affordability right out of the box. With traditional systems, there are simply too many variables outside of our control to offer consistency. The idea of the co-op began with the desire to give our consumers true energy independence, every day and in crisis or emergency scenarios. By installing a Cocoon system, alongside our Cocoon Energy Pods and Co-op participation, true peace of mind is available to consumers. As we have seen in places like California, energy access is not always assured when you need it. Cocoon offers solutions that are unheard of in the industry and will set the new standard for our peers to follow.”

Contact Coccoon Comfort at [email protected] or 314-602-7454.