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Tyler Peaden Manufactures Hand Sanitizer to Meet Critical Community Need

Tyler Peaden, an employee of Rytman Supply in Crestview, Florida, was asked to help his community and he came through! In his spare time, Tyler is co-owner of Peaden Brothers Distillery in Crestview, Florida. He and his brother make craft whiskey and when hand sanitizer was in short supply in Crestview, they were asked to help.

Tyler Peaden
Tyler Peaden

Already having government approval to produce a hand sanitizer, they literally started a new business overnight. They created a product that would meet the needs of the community, including the sheriff’s department, HVAC contractors, and one of the local military bases. They did this by following a business plan they created. The learning curve was intense, but they feel good about what they have accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Peaden hand sanitizer
Peaden hand sanitizer

Growing up in Crestview, Tyler’s family name is important to him and insisted all the rules and guidelines be followed to the letter. “We did everything by the book. I don’t want to have the reputation of someone who is not doing the right thing,” Tyler said. Since they are a small distillery, they are only able to make small batches of sanitizer at a time. As local business member, and as a service to the community, they are only trying to recover costs with the sanitizer.

Their government approval to produce hand sanitizer is valid until the end of the year. Producing hand sanitizer is a sideline for them and temporary. Tyler stated, “I cannot wait to just start making spirits again.”

If you have any questions, or want more information on their hand sanitizer, contact Tyler at Peaden Brothers Distillery, 302 North Main Street, Crestview, Florida 32536. The telephone number is 850-306-1344. He can also be reached by e-mail at rytmansupply@gmail.com or at peadenbrothers@gmail.com.

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