The UniConcierge Customer Care Team: (L to R) Cyndi Bauman, Theresa Carter, Lee Ann Schuble.

Unico Launches Two New Initiatives to Aid HVAC Contractors

April 23, 2019

The Unico System has launched two new programs designed to help HVAC installing contractors.

“Today’s world of interconnectivity is great for sharing information,” said Unico, Inc. president Phil Coerper. “But we all know the frustration of dealing with ‘press-this-number’ automated help desks that lack real human interactions.  That’s why we’ve launched our UniConcierge Customer Care initiative to provide installing contractors with a team of experienced, live people to help with our products and services.”

The UniConcierge Customer Care Team: (L to R) Cyndi Bauman, Theresa Carter, Lee Ann Schuble.
The UniConcierge Customer Care Team: (L to R) Cyndi Bauman, Theresa Carter, Lee Ann Schuble.

The UniConcierge Customer Care Center is staffed by three customer relations professionals – Cyndi Bauman, Lee Ann Schuble, and Theresa Carter – who can help provide referrals to local distributors of Unico equipment, navigate HVAC techs to the various training programs offered by the manufacturer, on-board HVAC professionals to the Unico Preferred Contractor program, and update the contractor’s information on Unico’s dealer locator.

Additionally, the UniConcierge team helps match consumers with local installers and process warranty applications.

States Coerper, “While the UniConcierge program is there to put a ‘face’ on the Unico experience, our new Text-A-Tech feature uses today’s smartphone technology to provide instant help to technicians in the field.”

Technicians needing real-time assistance with installation and maintenance of Unico products can text their requests to (314) 222-2487 and Unico Customer Service professionals will provide immediate help and guidance.  The service is available Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST – allowing all domestic HVAC contractors to access the feature during peak work hours.

Says customer service manager Brian Intagliata, “My family started Unico as HVAC contractors, so we know the challenges business owners and technicians face on a daily basis. The Text-A-Tech service is our latest program to help contractors.  After all, installing contractors are the heart of our business.”

“These new efforts build on existing resources we provide our contractor base, such as our factory, field or on-line training programs; and our Design Services department, who assist installing contractors by creating duct design layouts and materials lists,” added Intagliata.  “The object is to allow contractors easy access to all of the information that makes their lives easier.”

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