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UNICO Now Offering Thermal Mass Furnace

September 02, 2022

Unico, Inc. the leading manufacturer of small duct central heating and air conditioning systems, has added a new technology to its product line with the introduction of a thermal mass furnace for efficient, comfortable central heating.

Cocoon is an electric furnace that uses a solid ceramic thermal mass which produces heat in the infrared spectrum.  Cocoon furnaces use up to 41% less electricity to produce heat than standard electric furnaces, feature a compact modular footprint and high-quality construction, and uses a multi-stage variable speed electronically commutated blower motor – which is highly efficient and provides better air flow.  The Cocoon furnace does include smart control that optimizes the heating and blower operations.  Similar to The Unico System, the furnaces are modular, quick, and easy to install, and come in two model sizes: THRMS1800 for spaces up to 1,800 sf, and THRMS3200 for areas up to 3,200 sf.

“We are very pleased to offer our installers and end users this revolutionary, new method of central heating.” said Shannon Intagliata, Sales Manager for Unico, Inc.  “HVAC contractors now have another tool in their arsenal and homeowners a new, highly efficient and economical way of achieving superior indoor comfort – all from a trusted name in the industry.”

Intagliata states that installing contractors interested in adding the Cocoon furnace to their product offerings should contact their local Unico System expert, found in the following directory.

“Our installing contractors are the best in the industry.” Intagliata adds, “They are the early adopters of innovative, highly efficient technologies that ecologically conscious homeowners increasingly demand, so we know our excitement will extend to them in making the Cocoon furnace available to their customers.”

About Unico, Inc.

The Unico System is a small duct central heating and air conditioning system manufactured by Unico, Inc. Ideal for custom and new home construction, older home retrofits and historic preservation, as well as commercial applications, The Unico System takes less than one-third the space of a traditional HVAC system. Unico, Inc. is an active member of the U.S. National Trust for Historic Preservation. For more information, visit www.unicosystem.com.