WAGO MCS MAXI 832 terminal block

WAGO’s Multi Connection System Expands with MCS MAXI 832 Series Addition

October 16, 2018

WAGO introduces the MCS MAXI 832 Series, the world’s first lever-actuated PCB connector for high power applications, up to 66 A / 600 V, and up to 4 AWG conductors. The MCS MAXI 832 Series extends our wide range of wire-to-board and wire-to-wire pluggable solutions at the high-power end of the range.

WAGO MCS MAXI 832 terminal blockAs part of our Multi Connection System family of pluggables, the tool-free, Push-in CAGE CLAMP 832 Series with lever operation has high current and voltage capacity relative to its size. These touch-proof connectors (even in unmated condition) feature low mating forces yet high contact forces between mating components for safe, reliable pluggable connections. It also features flexible coding, making for easy and quick coding changes even after the connector is already installed.

The MCS MAXI 832 Series’ lever operation is exclusive to WAGO in the field of power electronics interconnections, offering the only completely tool-free, in-hand wiring solution for wire sizes 18 to 4 AWG. The MCS MAXI 832 Series features wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations in 2 to 6 pole variants, and will be available September 2018.

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