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Warren Controls ValveWorks Program Improves Sizing and Selection Process

April 14, 2020

Warren Controls, a leading manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products, created its state-of-the-art ValveWorks® program to improve the sizing and selection process for globe and rotary control valves based on the ISA 75.01 international standard.

Warren Controls ValveWorksAn exclusive program, Warren Controls’ ValveWorks® is an easy-to-use online system that safely maps out users’ solutions based on application requirements and process conditions. Control valves are sized accurately for optimum control, providing minimal energy loss and maximum life expectancy, without excessive maintenance.

Through step-by-step instructions, ValveWorks® users navigate through more than 100,000 combinations of construction attributes, factoring in requirements like flow rate, inlet pressure and temperature, pressure drop, vapor and critical pressure, predicted noise and more.

The program also allows customers to further customize valves, selecting carbon steel or stainless steel for the body, threaded of flanged ends, pressure rating, trim material and accessories. The process repeats on the actuator side, so that when users are finished, they have a detailed Sizing Report and optional Flow Curve Report. This comprehensive report illustrates how well specific choices will perform in a specific application and documents sound selections, which are necessary during a project’s specification and procurement stages. Performance of the valve over the full range of control is graphically shown and all sizing and proposals can be printed to keep on record. Users that are also registered as sales channel partners have additional access to pricing options, allowing further evaluation of their selections before creating a formal quote with ValveWorks or making a purchase.

“ValveWorks® is a tool that helps you get your project specifications right the first time, in such a way that a layperson could learn the program,” says Vice President of Sales & Marketing Al Gunnarson. “This is what’s unique about our program versus our competitors — you don’t need to have a detailed background in valve and actuator sizing to know how to use ValveWorks.”

Learn more and register for ValveWorks® online at warrencontrols.com

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Warren Controls is an industry leader in Industrial Control Valves, Building Automation Valves, Deaerator and Boiler Level Controls, and Military/Marine Valves. For more than 70 years, the company has maintained a strong commitment to providing specialty alloys, quick deliveries, and knowledgeable customer service. Warren Controls has earned a sterling reputation as a quality provider of valve specialties to OEM’s and USA military programs. From its state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot industrial complex, the company offers its experience, product design excellence, and superior production capabilities to the open market. At Warren Controls, the most technically qualified representatives in the industry are available to assist customers develop cost-effective, dependable solutions. Learn more at www.WarrenControls.com.