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What You Need to Know about UL 508A

December 08, 2018

UL 508A graphicAs a UL 508A certified panel shop, Larson Electronics is fully equipped and ready to handle your industrial control and control panel needs. For businesses in the industrial sector, the directive is an effective way to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards, while offering peace of mind surrounding custom-built controls and control panels.

Below highlights the advantages of UL 508A for our customers.

What is UL 508A?

UL 508A is a UL Listing Mark that is placed on industrial controls and control panels that comply with UL 508A standards. The scope of this directive includes industrial controls/panels operating at a voltage of 1,000V or less. Moreover, UL 508A products are applicable to general or “ordinary” locations classified under the National Electric Code/NFPA 70 and areas with ambient temperatures below 40°C (104°F).

What Products Are Included in UL 508A?

UL 508A covers industrial control panel products that house controllers, wirings, terminals, disconnects, circuit breakers, push buttons, switches, timers and etc. This directive does not include panels for hazardous locations or explosive environments (UL 689A; NRBX).

The standard is applicable to industrial panels used in: crane control, general work sites, industrial machinery, marine use, irrigation systems, enclosures, service equipment, aquatic playgrounds, in-ground spas, HVAC systems and more.

How Does UL 508A Benefit My Business?

The UL 508A mark offers reassurance for our customers. This marking basically tells businesses that our industrial controls and panels with UL 508A markings adhere to the latest safety requirements set by regulators, relevant third-party authorities as well as local government codes. Furthermore, the marking shows our manufacturing facilities are adequate in delivering a high-quality, safe and long-lasting product.

Some businesses specifically require industrial controls/panels with UL 508A markings. Our UL 508A panels are designed to meet such stringent requirements.

How Can I Get UL 508A Industrial Controls/Control Panels from Larson Electronics?

You can contact Larson Electronics directly at 800-297-4352 or sales@larsonelectronics.com with your custom panel requirements to get started!