Paul Speed, Nelson Dufrene and Dalton Levy.

Zoomlock ‘Buy or Rent’ at Coburns in Slidell

July 28, 2020

Paul Speed and his counter team, Nelson Dufrene and Dalton Levy, at Coburn Supply Company in Slidell are set to fulfill the needs of their customers as it relates to the Parker Zoomlock flame free refrigerant fittings. They have a large inventory of fittings and are willing and able to sell a Zoomlock tool kit or rent one to you if that is your preference.

Paul Speed, Nelson Dufrene and Dalton Levy.
Paul Speed, Nelson Dufrene and Dalton Levy.

Paul mentioned, “The Parker Zoomlock flame free refrigerant fittings are specially designed to work without the need of brazing, which automatically makes a contractor’s job simpler and faster when making copper connections. Besides the huge labor and timesavings, there is no fire hazard. Additionally, the fittings are rated at 700 psi which is well above the normal operating pressures of an air conditioning system.”

Dalton added, “Independent testing shows that Zoomlock installs up to 77% faster than brazing. It eliminates the need for special permits when being used in hospitals, plants, offshore and other similar applications where brazing could be dangerous. It’s a ‘no brainer’ for those job applications.”

Nelson said, “Zoomlock is quick and easy because it saves time on brazing, no purging is necessary, no nitrogen is needed, and it even takes a shorter time to evacuate the system since no heat is introduced through brazing. Ductless mini splits, especially those utilizing inverter technology are a perfect fit for Zoomlock since they are sensitive to the impurities present after brazing is performed.”

Paul concluded by saying, “Another big advantage is that the Zoomlock tool is light compared to other crimping style tools, which makes it easy to handle on a jobsite.”

Coburns in Slidell is located at 538A Johnny F. Smith Avenue and their phone number is 985-643-5262.