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APR Supply Co. Meets on Capitol Hill with Congressman Smucker

September 28, 2022

APR Supply Co. President and CEO, Scott Weaver, and Congressman Lloyd Smucker met in Washington D.C. to discuss several topics surrounding the HVAC industry moving forward with regulatory changes.

The industry shift towards renewable heating and air conditioning equipment brings concern of increased environmental risk, higher replacement, and maintenance costs. Future energy efficient requirements will affect residential and commercial air conditioners and heat pumps. Weaver shared concerns surrounding the effects upon the industry, as well as household struggles that could occur with the transition to new low global warming potential refrigerants that are not compatible with current units. “The change requires a global warming potential of 750 or less,” says Jeff Thompson, Vice President of Dealer Products. “The manufacturers are beginning to redesign equipment to work with these refrigerants and the challenges they pose.”

Scott Weaver, Jeff Thompson, and other APR leaders sit on industry boards and committees for organizations like American Supply Association, HARDI, and Affiliated Distributers. Visits like this one to Capitol Hill over the decades have been to support the HVAC & Plumbing industry.

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