David Queirolo, owner of Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Baskin-Robbins Relies on Venstar Thermostats and Remote Sensors to Protect Valuable Ice Cream Inventory

April 24, 2019

Venstar® today announced that its ColorTouch® connected thermostats, remote sensors and  Skyport® Cloud Services with free mobile app are being used at Baskin-Robbins stores to remotely control temperatures to protect valuable ice cream inventory. The Venstar solution was installed by Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. of Stockton, Calif.

CHALLENGE: Maintain Below-Zero Temperatures in Walk-in Freezers

David Queirolo, owner of Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
David Queirolo, owner of Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

David Queirolo, owner of Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., was challenged to find a way to protect the valuable ice cream inventory for multiple Baskin-Robbins stores owned by Stockton franchisee Jeff Chappell.

In Stockton, outside summer temperatures can be well above 100 degrees. If the air conditioning isn’t working properly, the stores’ inside temperatures can cause the walk-in freezers to get too warm. If the temperatures in the freezers climb above zero degrees, thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory can be lost.

Solution: Venstar ColorTouch Thermostats and Remote Sensors

A long-time dealer and installer of Venstar controls, Queirolo’s worked with the Venstar team to help create a solution that would help protect the valuable Baskin-Robbins ice cream inventory.

Queriolo’s had previously installed Venstar’s ColorTouch (Model T8850) Wi-Fi® commercial thermostats in the stores’ counter and dining areas. The ColorTouch thermostats are set up to send alerts when the inside store temperatures go above the programmed temperature settings.

Adding Venstar Remote Sensors (Model ACC-PSEN) to the walk-in freezers allows monitoring of the air temperature inside the freezers. A sensor probe in a glycol solution is used to monitor a sample tub of ice cream to ensure that it is staying within the optimum temperatures of -10 to -20 degrees.

Using Venstar’s Skyport Cloud Services, the temperature information from the ColorTouch thermostats and Remote Sensors can be remotely monitored using the Skyport interface on a computer or by using the free Skyport Mobile App. Important email alerts are automatically sent to the Queirolo’s team and the Baskin-Robbins store owner when temperatures go above the pre-determined temperature settings.

“With the Venstar solution, we are alerted if the freezer or store temperatures go above the pre-set temperature settings so we can immediately take action and save valuable inventory without having to rely on employees to alert the store owner,” said Queirolo.

Results: Saving Valuable Inventory and Keeping Stores Comfortable

When the ColorTouch thermostats were first installed at the Baskin-Robbins stores, the Queirolo’s team member received an alert that the indoor air temperature in one of the stores had become too warm. Because of the indoor high temperature alert, they were able to repair the broken air conditioning unit before the store became too warm and created discomfort for customers.

On another occasion, the team members received an email alert that the walk-in freezer temperature was too warm. Because of the alert, they were able to immediately call the store to check on the freezer and dispatch a repair person. Receiving the alert allowed Queirolo’s team to save the ice cream and cakes from melting.

Prior to installing the Venstar ColorTouch thermostats and Remote Sensors, it was impossible to remotely monitor store temperatures and the walk-in freezers. Now the Queriolo’s team can take care of any equipment issues and ensure the safety of the ice cream inventory.

“Ensuring the quality and safety of our inventory is paramount to our success,” said Chappell. “Venstar and Queirolo’s have saved the day on many an occasion.”

About ColorTouch

Venstar offers six models of its award-winning ColorTouch smart programmable residential and commercial thermostats. Available for residential and commercial use, ColorTouch models have a multi-functional, simple-to-use touchscreen that offers 365-day programming, overrides and security features.

About Venstar Skyport Cloud Services

Venstar’s free Skyport Cloud Services enables users of Venstar’s Wi-Fi thermostats to use the free Skyport Mobile App on their Apple® iOS and Android™ mobile devices or directly from the Web to instantly access and control thermostats.

About Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, providing guests with a wide variety of ice cream flavors and delicious treats at more than 7,800 retail shops in more than 50 countries around the world.

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