Fred Martel

Between the Lines: Strength in Convictions

October 27, 2018

By Fred Martel

Every customer service and sales situation must include a foundation of positive, upbeat tones. That is not to say that you need to sound like some carnival barker or pitchman on an infomercial.

Fred MartelSetting the tone involves being prepared and being convinced. You must be convinced that you are offering the best in products and services for the price, from a company that is among the best. There cannot be a doubt in your mind if you are to succeed.

Prospects pay as much, if not more attention to your behavior, delivery and attitude as to the features and benefits of the products and or services you are offering. You are there to set aside any misgivings and misunderstanding they may have before making a decision.

A salesperson’s level of enthusiasm, therefore often determines his or her success rate. If you do not sound convinced that your product/service is the best, how do you expect the prospect to believe it? The answer is obvious. Before you meet with a customer or prospect, take a moment to analyze your attitude. Set aside any personal issues and get a smile going.

The more you know about the industry and alternative products and services, the more confident you get. Your positive approach to dealing with solutions for your customers will pay big dividends. No one wants to deal with a salesperson that doesn’t like his or her job. But it happens all the time. Those professional job hunters make the rounds, going from company to company looking for the impossible. These are people who always blame the products or the company for their own shortcomings as ineffective salespeople.

The only thing standing between you and sales success is your attitude. Be convinced that you can do it or get out of the sales business.