Fred Martel

Between the Lines: The Sizzle

August 15, 2020

By Fred Martel

Fred Martel

“Sell the Sizzle not the Steak.” Everyone has heard this line, and it works – if you create the sizzle.

The average home or building owner is not getting the “warm and fuzzy” from features that you think are a big deal. You have to create the sizzle before you can sell it. Your approach must be more about them, i.e. comfort, economy, and service. What can you do for them?

The hardest point to teach salespeople is to believe that the customer really wants to be sold. There is an element of fear about parting with money without being completely comfortable that makes consumers put the salesman through hell. You must be able to see through this and create a comfort zone between you, your company and associated products in order to push them over the edge.

One of the reasons that radiant floor heating has gained popularity in “cold country” is the puppy dog factor. Consumers see a picture of the family dog on a tile floor with the kids by the window and snow is falling outside and – forget the price – they want it! We were selling comfort – at three or four times the price in many cases – because sizzle sells. When the sizzle includes energy savings as well, you have a winner.

In this economy you have to get creative to eat. If the products you sell do not have sizzle, get some. If your services aren’t creating sizzle, change the way you do business. People will buy when you present a package that makes sense.

Do some products sell themselves? NO. It only seems that way when the salesman is as excited about the offering as the person who created it. Do not be afraid to push (politely).. All they can say is no.