Bringing New Recruiting and Training Opportunities to CAAG

September 03, 2021

Altierus Career College (ACC) in Atlanta and Altierus Training Solutions (ATS) recently renewed membership in CAAG at the statewide level for 2021-22. Both entities are part of ECMC Education ‒ a nonprofit provider of educational solutions rooted in innovation, employer collaboration and industry stewardship.

We participated in the CAAG Annual Conference in Savannah this past March and look forward to future engagements at an increased level, beginning with the District meetings this fall. ACC provides accredited programming delivered through our Atlanta campus that caters to new career seekers and helps to grow the HVAC-T and HVAC-R talent pools. ATS assists businesses in addressing the knowledge and skill gaps of current employees by leveraging on-line technical simulations, self-paced and facilitator-enhanced coursework, as well as on-the-job skills verification.

This also helps employers to differentiate themselves as desirable workplaces while developing proprietary recruiting pipelines.In early 2020, ATS began a successful partnership with CoolSys, a national leader in commercial HVAC and Refrigeration. Through a collaborative approach, we built a technology-driven training program delivered on-line to upskill their technicians, while allowing them to maintain their in-field responsibilities. Our success together demonstrates a proven workplace training model which will also be very impactful in helping companies attract and retain employees.

In order to guide the implementation of effective ways to meet the training needs of students as well as other employers, a national survey was conducted (which included a number of CAAG members). In response, ACC has incorporated greater flexibility in the HVAC programming, which will allow students to work as they study and obtain credentials and a diploma. ATS is crafting content and delivery tools that will work to everyone’s benefit without disrupting work schedules and overall business operations. The New Hire Accelerator is planned for rollout this fall. For more information, visit and