Brian Byrom in training mode

BTrained, New HVAC Training Facility Opens in Birmingham

October 19, 2018

BTrained, an HVAC technical mentorship program, was formed in 2016 by Brian Byrom. He has over 38 years of experience teaching the basic principles of the HVAC industry. Over his career, he has instructed over 4,000 individuals, many of whom went on to open their own successful HVAC business.

Brian Byrom in training mode
Brian Byrom in training mode

Brian’s background includes all aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial heating and cooling; energy management; refrigeration; and building automation. As a certified HVAC contractor he has designed, installed and maintained a wide variety of mechanical comfort equipment.

Brian recently moved from Huntsville to the Birmingham area to continue his unique style of teaching. His technique focuses on individuals who want to begin in the HVAC industry as well as, those who wish improve their skills. BTrained utilizes smaller class sizes to promote one-on-one instruction. His mentorship style encourages each participant to strive to be the best in the industry.

BTrained recently opened a new HVAC training facility with over 2800 sq. ft. of classroom, office, and technical training space. Opening in the heart of the Birmingham-Homewood area, the facility has a 1700 sq. ft. heated, cooled, and carpeted lab with a 400 sq. ft. classroom, which comfortably seats up to 25 people with ample space for lectures and seminars.

“BPrepared” is a two-day weekend seminar that prepares the participant for taking the Alabama State HACR contractors examination. Brian authored and originally began teaching the exam preparation seminar in 1984. He continually updates the seminar to make it relevant and timely based on the HACR Board’s requirements. BPrepared is offered on a quarterly basis and more often as demand increases.

The BTrained Elite evening classes offer a blend of classroom time with a significant portion of lab training and operational skills required to troubleshoot, maintain, and install modern heating and cooling equipment. This journey includes using up-to-date tools, instruments, and brand new operational trainers that will give the participant real “hands-on” training. BTrained Elite offers the ultimate HVAC learning experience.

The staff at Btrained can be reached at,, or by phone at 205-728-7254.