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BVT Alumnus Finds Career Path at Centerline Mechanical LLC

February 01, 2024
HVAC graduate shares his exciting journey into the workforce
Hopedale, MA (January 31, 2024) — Brendan Hawkins, an 18-year-old graduate from Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School in Upton, has made headlines for his exceptional journey into the workforce. Departing from traditional academic routes, Hawkins chose a vocational education to pursue hands-on learning and practical skills. Hawkins graduated from BVT in May 2023 after completing the 4-year HVAC program offered at the school. Hawkins thrived in BVT’s environment, a place where he could work with his hands and expand his learning. While not heavily involved in extracurricular activities, he found his passion through his trade experience.
Centerline Mechanical LLC, a full-service HVAC company that was established in October of 2020, was discovered by Hawkins during a presentation at BVT given by Julian Picard, the company’s founder. Intrigued by the prospect of working with the promise of significant growth opportunities, Hawkins joined Centerline Mechanical LLC during his junior year. Julian Picard’s words and demonstration of leadership in the industry is what fueled his interest in working for the company. After graduating high school, Hawkins was promoted to HVAC Installer and Service Technician.
Company founder of Centerline Mechanical LLC and BVT alumni, Julian Picard, appreciates Hawkins’ ability to apply skills to hands-on projects. “Finding help can be hard in the trades. So I reached out to the BVT HVAC program to see what they had for prospects since I knew I had to grow my own help,” states Julian Picard.”I have had Hawkins since his final trimester Junior year. After the interview I knew he would be a good fit, and the rest is history. I want to see him buy his first house soon,” Picard adds.
Hawkins acknowledges the transformative impact of working in a small company. He has overcome self-doubt and was able to successfully apply his technical skills to the work environment. “I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for this opportunity to work with Centerline Mechanical,” expresses Brendan Hawkins. “Its nice to be an asset to a team that is generous and actually care,” Hawkins adds.
Brendan Hawkins’ journey serves as a testament to the diverse paths available to technical graduates, challenging the conventional norms of education. His accomplishments at BVT and success at Centerline Mechanical LLC highlights the potential for growth and learning in non- traditional career paths.
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Centerline Mechanical LLC is a full-service HVAC company that was established in October of 2020. As a proud Mass Save partner, Centerline Mechanical LLC is committed to ensuring that customers have a comfortable living space while reducing energy costs. With a focus on quality assurance, Centerline Mechanical LLC has been providing innovative HVAC solutions that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future where comfort, technology, and environmental consciousness coexist. To get a free quote or learn more, visit