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Call Answering Services are Giving HVAC Companies New Opportunities for Growth

October 10, 2022

The HVAC industry is growing. Driven by residential markets and the internet, HVAC companies are in demand. But when the industry is this competitive it can be hard to stand out.

That’s why many HVAC services have been turning to AnswerForce. They’ve been helping the service industry capture more calls to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. It’s why they’ve got a 5-star rating on trust pilot. Through their plans, they help you drive trust in your company by providing personalized answering 24/7.

A people-powered service

Aren’t all businesses people-powered? When businesses miss on average, 2,200 calls a year, the robotic tone of voicemail is the first contact point for customers. Not very people-powered. It’s why so many customers get frustrated with customer support and chose competitor services. Voicemail offers no sense of reassurance or human connection.

With so much business coming through the phone, you can’t afford to send customers to voicemail. Answering more calls means winning more business. AnswerForce gives HVAC operators live agents 24/7. Your calls are now always handled in a personal and professional manner.

Personalized call scripts let you tailor incoming calls so agents know how to respond like your business. When a customer calls, they’re getting the unique service they expect.

Great customer service like this is vital for growing sales and trust in your business. Having a great support team will keep your customers coming back over and over. It’s why HVAC operators see AnswerForce as a great service for helping them grow.

Cover all bases

The internet has revolutionized many industries, HVAC included. Where once you just had calls now there are more options. Through social media or web-based services like live chat, your business is more available than ever.

In fact, 51% of customers see having multiple contact points outside of calls as a great form of customer support. Although phone services are still valuable and the most popular form of communication, not everyone has time to call. Some people want support on the go or as they browse your site. Others just aren’t a fan of calls.

Take Millenials for example. Research shows as a market, they’re most likely to want to engage with a business via live chat services. If you want to make the most of building your reputation as an HVAC business, being available across many channels is vital.

The team at AnswerForce offers much more than just answering calls. Their plans include live chat answering for websites and social media. Through AnswerForce you have a chance to meet a wider range of customers, how and when it pleases them. Live chat answering is a simple way of capturing the calls that don’t come through the phone.

Helping small and medium-sized businesses

Small and medium-sized HVAC businesses have the most opportunity to grow. But it can be tricky, especially when trying to establish yourself in the market. You might not have many reviews and customers will be unsure if they can trust you. 71% of customers see good reviews as a sign to trust a business. So how can you appear professional without the customer backing of larger firms?

Answering calls while on the job can be tricky. Your hands can be full and if there’s AC units or construction work going on it can be hard for customers to hear you. This is when most calls get missed or are poorly handled. In both of these scenarios, you’re not winning any business.

Employing an answering service will help relieve this. Customers will go straight to a representative in a quiet environment and have their queries handled promptly. Customers will immediately begin building trust in your service when their calls are handled smoothly.

An answering service also gives your business an immediate professional feel. AnswerForce’s receptionists are specially trained for HVAC calls. So when a customer rings, a dedicated receptionist lets them know you care about customer service. It also shows that you must be busy helping other customers. From here the belief in your business starts to grow.

AnswerForce is a prime service to help any HVAC business grow. Whether it’s answering more calls or capturing the missed ones, AnswerForce helps you make the most of any opportunity. Browse their services today and see how they can help your business grow.

For more information on AnswerForce’s features and solutions for HVACR contractors, visit AnswerForce.