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Carson Solutions Announces the Opening of a Fabrication Center in Dalton, GA and the Acquisition of QLCI Intellectual Property Rights from TROX USA

December 21, 2018

Carson Solutions and QLCI logosCarson Solutions acquired the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, and distribute the patented QLCI and has assumed production and sales support in North America.

Although the transition was sudden in Q2 2018, Carson Solutions successfully delivered all committed QLCI orders on time, without exception, to satisfy the large number of school projects slated for the summer of 2018. Carson Solutions has been able to maintain and utilize all the supplier relationships to produce the same QLCI product that you have grown accustomed. Along with the transfer to the new fabrication center in Dalton, GA, Carson Solutions was able to improve the fabrication process with new tooling, better equipment, and ability for custom productions. Carson Solutions has the flexibility to provide enhanced system design, layout, and selection support for each project. In early 2019, solid surface and laminate countertop options will be available.

The patented QLCI, designed by TROX®, was the first displacement induction chilled beam introduced in North America and continues to be the number one selling brand today. QLCI combines the unique operational characteristics of thermal displacement ventilation with efficient active chilled beam technology in a unitary modular design. Specifically developed for North American classroom applications, the QLCI terminal provides a comfortable and healthy learning environment with superior ventilation, improved air quality and reduced noise in an energy-efficient and esthetically pleasing design.

Chris Carson was head of design, engineering, and production for TROX USA and has assumed the role of President at Carson Solutions. “This is a very unique opportunity to keep this great product line here in North America. I spent many years working with the QLCI design and will continue to offer custom solutions to achieve our customer’s goals. I truly believe in the technology of displacement chilled beams, and I care about indoor air quality and quiet operation within our communities learning environments. I look forward to continued growth of the QLCI as well as new product lines in the near future.”

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