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Between the Lines: Attitude

By Fred Martel Are you a productive person? Do you have employees who could be more productive? Work attitudes can determine whether the answer to these questions is yes or no. American workers, unlike their European counterparts often seem to operate under the premise that they are always looking for the next best deal. The notion that one should at least act as though he or she loves their job seems to be lost… Read More

Legends of Our Industry – Norman Fonseca

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider How often do you run into a 73-year-old HVAC service tech who still works a 40+ hour week climbing into hot attics in the summer or crawling under cold wet houses during the winter? Well, let me introduce you to Norman Fonseca. Norman has been in our industry for a little over fifty years and has been a service technician at Help Air Conditioning & Heating… Read More

Rest in Peace Art Penchansky

By Walter Arnett By now, most of you readers of the HVAC Insider, Keystone Garden Edition, have heard the sad news that we lost our longtime friend, Arthur Penchansky the morning of Tuesday, January 22. He was in the hospital battling pneumonia again, when complications won his fight for life. At this time, the plans have not been settled for the burial services, other than he will be laid to rest in Macon, Georgia at… Read More

From the Inside

By Walter Arnett Happy New Year again. I said that last month, but it doesn’t hurt to say it more often than once. Christmas and New Year’s went by in good fashion for me. I had good weather, good friends, a lot of good food, and more than enough football, followed by good napping. Walter Arnett Now, it is time for the AHR EXPO in Atlanta. I hope that many of you made plans to… Read More
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