Adam Coffey, CEO CoolSys

CoolSys Creates Relief Fund to Support Employees Impacted by Covid-19, Natural Disasters and Emergencies

October 13, 2020

CoolSys has created a relief fund to provide financial support for employees during the pandemic and other unexpected life challenges. Initially created to help employees who were furloughed due to COVID-19, the CoolSys Cares Employee Relief Fund has now been expanded to assist employees who are financially impacted by a natural or manmade disaster or unexpected military deployment.

Adam Coffey, CEO CoolSys
Adam Coffey, CEO CoolSys

“At CoolSys, our greatest asset is our employees. Throughout these challenging times, we’ve been touched by the resilient and supportive spirit of our team which is one of the qualities that makes CoolSys so strong,” comments Adam Coffey, CEO of CoolSys. “As a company, we felt compelled to do more, so we launched and expanded this fund to help employees and their families.”

The CoolSys Cares Employee Relief Fund was established with a donation from Ares Management, CoolSys’ private equity sponsor and the largest shareholder in the company. CoolSys plans to contribute to the fund on an ongoing basis. The fund will also accept tax-deductible donations from employees, customers and suppliers. CoolSys has partnered with the Emergency Assistance Foundation, a leader in managing relief funds, to administer the program. The amount of financial assistance for each recipient varies depending on the details related to their specific situation.

“Seeing the tremendous value this program created during a time of great need has motivated us to create an ongoing way to support others when times are hard,” comments Beth Goldstein, chief human resources officer at CoolSys. “To determine the best way forward, we conducted a survey to find out what employees thought was the most meaningful way for CoolSys to participate in charitable giving. The top choice by a large margin was to support fellow employees during natural disasters and emergencies.”

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