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CoolSys Deploys HVAC Technology in Fight Against COVID-19

December 18, 2020

CoolSys™, parent to market-leading refrigeration and HVAC service companies nationwide, has deployed several new technology initiatives to help combat COVID-19 in recent months. Bipolar ionization is one of these technologies which creates charged ions in the air to attach to airborne particles, increasing their size, and making them easier to trap with air filters. Scolari’s Food and Drug Company in Reno, Nevada is a CoolSys customer adopting the technology to combat COVID-19 as they recently began work to expand a part of their facility that contains a casino gaming area and are focused on keeping customers safe.

Adam Coffey, CEO CoolSys
Adam Coffey, CEO CoolSys

“Businesses and companies are looking for solutions to minimize COVID-19 transmission as they re-open and bring back employees and customers to indoor workplaces and environments,” comments Adam Coffey, CEO at CoolSys.“As an industry leader in providing HVAC technologies, including bipolar ionization, CoolSys is doing its part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 with our customers across the country.”

Bipolar ionization is among several tech-based approaches that CoolSys installs to help fight COVID-19 in indoor spaces.These technologies are gaining wider adoption as COVID-19 has caused many formerly shuttered businesses to renew interest in proper air ventilation and sanitization. There is significant scientific consensus that COVID-19 is transmitted via aerosols, which has caused HVAC and air treatment technologies to take center stage for many businesses, especially those that welcome customers into their facilities for extended periods of time.Bipolar ionization not only offers health benefits, but also the added value of energy reduction by reducing the amount of outdoor air that must be conditioned, as well as eliminating odors.

“It’s more important than ever to place emphasis on safety. The ionization technology that CoolSys installs is high efficiency, low maintenance, and has a history of effective use. The added benefit of removing odors from the air doesn’t hurt either,” comments Jerry Scolari, COO at Scolari’s Food and Drug. “We’re proud to be able to say we’re doing everything we can to protect our customers during such an uncertain time.”

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About Scolari’s Food and Drug Company

Scolari’s Food and Drug Companyis an independently owned supermarket chain based in Sparks, Nevada. The company operates two stores in the Northern portion of Nevada. The company also operates two stores in Reno and one store in Carson City under the Sak N Save brand. The company also franchises one Save-A-Lot Store in Las Vegas, Nevada.