Daikin new Fit heat pump systems

Daikin Launches New Daikin Fit Heat Pump Systems

January 14, 2020

Daikin North America LLC has expanded the revolutionizing Daikin Fit systems to include heat pump systems. This represents a radical departure, designed to transform the future of heat pump systems in North America, which is currently dominated by ducted, unitary HVAC systems.

Daikin new Fit heat pump systems
Daikin new Fit heat pump systems

Daikin first launched the Daikin Fit cooling only system with gas furnace connectivity in September 2018, and now Daikin has expanded the Daikin Fit product line-up to include Daikin Fit heat pump systems for heat pump and dual fuel applications, incorporating all the same great features and benefits provided with the original cooling only models.

Daikin Fit heat pump systems meld the best features and performance of ductless-style heat pump systems with the ability to connect to traditional ducted systems. This brings homeowners the advantages of Daikin technology, including high-performing inverter compressors with cabinet designs that are smaller, lighter and quieter than traditional unitary outdoor heat pump units.

As lot sizes decrease and building envelopes grow in many urban areas, homeowners can now free up precious backyard space, while enhancing their outdoor experience with a compact, quiet Daikin Fit heat pump unit. Smaller, lighter Daikin Fit heat pump cabinet designs provide several installation and service benefits for zero lot-line homes, condominiums and on rooftop terraces in dense urban settings that would typically require a crane. Daikin Fit heat pump systems are easily installed in replacement applications using existing ductwork and existing line sets. Requiring only 4 inches of clearance to the home, the Daikin Fit heat pump system is ideal for locations where installation space is limited.

  • Fit more equipment in your HVAC technician’s van or truck – 4 or 5 Daikin Fit units can fit in a van or truck as compared to 1 or 2 traditional units.
  • Easy to transport from the delivery vehicle to the installation site and install on pad – a single Daikin Fit heat pump unit can be transported with a dolly by a single HVAC technician.

With cooling efficiencies up to 18 SEER and heating efficiencies up to 10 HSPF, Daikin Fit heat pump systems provide a cost-competitive system, in the mid-efficiency category, with clear design and performance advantages over traditional unitary, non-inverter systems.

“Introduction of the Daikin Fit heat pump system is icing on the cake to fill out the Daikin Fit product line for our Daikin Comfort Pro contractors,” explains Kelly Hearnsberger, Vice President Residential Product Marketing. “In an industry saturated with the “same old” equipment, Daikin Fit is a mid-range efficiency, competitively priced system that includes all the benefits of inverter technology combined with ducted furnace and coil combinations, and is a game changer for our Daikin sales network and for consumers.”

The superior performance of Daikin’s inverter compressor – over traditional unitary compressors – requires less condenser coil surface area. That, in turn, allows for much smaller cabinet sizes with a side discharge fan design – eliminating the need for typical large, wrap-around style condenser coils.

The Daikin Fit system shines over traditional unitary systems during non-peak cooling periods. Daikin Fit’s condensing unit is powered by a Daikin-engineered and manufactured proprietary, variable-speed swing inverter compressor that gently ramps up and down, using only the energy needed to cool the space. This helps consumers save money during non-peak load periods when compared to traditional, non-inverter condensing units.

Available in 1.5- to 5-ton capacities to meet most needs, the Daikin Fit heat pump system is compatible with Daikin’s line of air handlers and communicating gas furnaces, with furnace efficiencies ranging from 80- to 97% AFUE and evaporator coils available with standard Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV).

With the Daikin Fit heat pump system, homeowners can easily compare and choose a more compact and quieter outdoor heat pump unit, as compared to traditional unitary heat pump units with similar tonnage and efficiency. This provides homeowners, installers and builders far more flexibility with locating the outdoor equipment, plus the added benefit of reducing noise for backyard enjoyment.

To learn more about Daikin Fit systems, visit https://daikincomfort.com/go/daikinfit/.

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Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a Fortune 1,000 company with more than 70,000 employees worldwide and is the world’s number 1 air conditioning company. Daikin North America LLC (DNA) is a subsidiary of DIL. DNA and its affiliates manufacture heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial and industrial use and are sold via independent HVAC contractors. DIL manufacturing operations include facilities at Houston, TX and Fayetteville, TN. For additional information, visit www.northamerica-daikin.com.

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