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Daikin to Host Train the Trainer Event for Instructors

September 12, 2019

Mini-split technology is one of the fastest growing segments of the HVACR industry. One factor that can greatly limit its continued growth is the shortage of field technicians who are properly trained to install, service and maintain these unique systems.

For instructors to keep their programs current, and meet the needs of the industry, they must incorporate mini-splits into their training.

Since the vast majority of instructors have not worked on new-generation, mini-split systems, they are challenged with teaching a highly technical subject without having first-hand experience with it. How can instructors teach what they themselves do not know?

Daikin the largest manufacturer of air conditioning equipment the world, wants to make certain instructors understand these systems and give them the confidence they need to comfortably incorporate this technology into their curriculum.  This forward-thinking, industry-leading organization will be conducting a hands-on, train-the-trainer event, which addresses the proper procedures for installing Daikin ductless mini-split systems.

HVACR instructors in attendance will learn the correct way to: mount the indoor and outdoor units, flare refrigerant tubing, wire the system, remove condensate, pressure test the refrigerant piping circuit, evacuate and charge the system and, finally, correctly start the system up. To reinforce these key concepts, attendees will work side-by-side with Daikin team members as they install a mini-split system.

With limited funds available for professional development, Daikin is co-locating their event with HVAC Excellence’s National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference. This will allow attendees to travel to one destination, the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, for both events.

  • HVAC Excellence – March 23-25, 2020
  • Daikin – March 26, 2020

Please note that the Daikin event is limited to the first 100 attendees, so register early.

Learn more about these events and register by visiting escogroup.org.