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Danfoss Introduces New Generation HVAC Programmable Controller Portfolio

March 04, 2024

Modular concept is unique for HVAC ecosystems

Alsmart™ is Danfoss’ new generation programmable controller software specifically for the HVAC market.

Danfoss is excited to announce the AlsmartTM Universal Controller platform. Alsmart is a new generation programmable controller portfolio for the HVAC market. The platform has been designed to meet today’s advanced needs as well as tomorrow’s combining flexible and advanced control features, multiple communication options, the highest levels of cybersecurity protection, and powerful and easy to use programming tools. Alsmart is an enabler allowing manufacturers and end users to deliver sustainable solutions with the highest efficiency while driving to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in green buildings.

The HVAC industry continues to take progressive and innovative steps to meet the changing regulations and customer goals around sustainability, energy efficiency, cybersecurity, and climate impact. And in order to accelerate the progress on these goals, a new level of coordination and integration is needed between components, systems, buildings, the cloud, and various stakeholders like facility managers, maintenance companies, and corporate management teams. The desire for richer data and information flow is ever increasing with an onset of new digital tools and capabilities like Artificial Intelligence.

Alsmart is designed with the latest processing power and memory to meet the most demanding applications. Programming applications and algorithms is easy, efficient, and fast by using standard programming languages (IEC 61131-3) in a familiar though innovative environment.

Through a patented side-by-side connector method, users can add additional input and output modules that allow optimum and future flexibility in their application. This provides the ultimate in flexibility when controlling HVAC components like valves, sensors, compressors, energy meters, switches and other devices.

Communication is a key design priority in Alsmart starting from a ground-up design approach that ensures the highest cybersecurity protection adhering to stringent IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity standards. Communication flexibility allows connections through a wide variety of standard protocols including BacNet, CanBus, Modbus, SNMP, HTTPS, and MQTT/S. This flexibility not only allows rich data sharing, but all remote commission and live debugging as well as remote fleet software updates and management.

Alsmart supports multiple user interface and display options beginning with a patented snap-on display which can be easily plugged into the control and will be locked by a magnet. The display unit can also be used in the field or production line to download updated firmware to multiple different units. Through its multiple communication options, developers can use a variety of different user interfaces including more advanced HMI units or by connecting into Building Management Systems (BMS).

“As the HVAC industry works diligently to help building owners achieve their targets relative to climate goals and climate related regulations, it is critical that the components work together in a smarter way whether in a data center chiller, rooftop HVAC unit, heat pump or DOAS system,” said Michael Kellerman, director of EC&S development at Danfoss. “Alsmart allows that to happen as the brain of these systems and subsystems. Furthermore, the communication options in Alsmart allows it to easily communicate with Building Management Systems (BMS) or directly to IOT Clouds of the building owner, OEM manufacturer or building maintenance companies.”

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