Midea Launches First HVAC Showroom and Distribution Center in New York City

March 04, 2024

Debut of National HVAC Showroom and Distribution Center Showcases State-of-the-Art Heat Pump Technology to Revolutionize Sustainable Home Heating and Cooling

Midea held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of its first U.S. showroom and distribution center in Queens, NY, on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024. The innovative space will make heat pumps more accessible for consumers and professionals alike, demonstrating Midea’s commitment to equitably integrating advanced heat pump technology into homes across North America. Pictured left to right: David Rames, Midea; Shannon Liu, Midea; Dr. Wenqing Zhang, Ai-Midea; Phil Huang, Midea; U.S. Congresswoman Grace Meng; Kenny Liu, Ai-Midea; Denis Liu, Midea; Victor Xu, Ai-Midea; Chris Corcoran, Assistant Director, New York State Energy and Resource Development Authority; Eric Hervol, Midea. (Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Midea)

Midea, one of the leading innovators in the HVAC industry, announced the opening of its first national showroom and distribution center in Queens, New York with a special ribbon-cutting event attended by a representative of New York Governor Hochul’s office, New York Congresswoman Grace Meng, representatives from Con Edison and PSEG and other industry leaders. The innovative space will make heat pumps more accessible for consumers and professionals alike, demonstrating Midea’s commitment to equitably integrating advanced heat pump technology into homes across North America.

Located in Queens at the heart of New York City’s five boroughs and in collaboration with Ai-Midea Air Conditioning, a dedicated HVAC company known for its excellence in residential and light commercial HVAC services, the showroom offers a unique opportunity for both HVAC professionals and consumers to get hands-on with the latest in heat pump technology from ducted and ductless whole home heating and cooling systems, heat pump water heaters and window heating and cooling units specifically designed to support multi-family buildings’ transition towards electrification. Among the notable products on display is a new cold climate heat pump, a standout participant in the Department of Energy (DOE) Cold Climate Heat Pump Challenge that achieved 118% of rated capacity heating output at -15 degrees Fahrenheit. The showroom also features the Midea Packaged Window Heat Pump (PWHP) – winner of the 2024 AHR Innovation Award and component of New York State’s Clean Heat for All Challenge – as well as the new EVOX G3 ducted heat pump system. The showroom will educate homeowners and contractors by illustrating the versatility of heat pump applications across different scenarios. From optimizing comfort in single-zone residential spaces to implementing comprehensive multi-zone heat pump systems, the displays are compatible with a wide range of climate conditions and living environments.

The facility will be home to heat pump solutions designed with the future in mind to help users meet the stringent demands of increasing energy efficiency and sustainability requirements. The showroom will serve as a center for contractor training programs, equipping industry professionals with the necessary expertise for installation and maintenance, while also offering personalized consultation and services for customers in the New York Metropolitan area to ensure they find the most effective heating and cooling solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

As one of the few major manufacturers with a domestic Research and Development Center devoted to advancing heat pump technology in the United States, Midea is focused on meeting the needs of homeowners across North America no matter their climate. The Midea America Research Center (MARC) in Louisville, Kentucky ensures that Midea products featured in the Queens showroom are tailored to meet the specific climates and energy consumption requirements of the U.S. market and have features and benefits that make it easier for contractors to sell, install and maintain these more efficient and environmentally friendly next-generation heat pump systems. In addition, many of the products, including the energy-efficient heat pumps and systems offer consumers the opportunity to take advantage of federal tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as well as local utilities heat pump rebates that align with efficiency tiers established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).

Midea is no stranger to providing the New York market with energy-efficient heat pumps, highlighted by its involvement in the “Clean Heat for All Challenge.” Spearheaded by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), New York Power Authority (NYPA) and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the “Clean Heat for All Challenge” aligns with New York City and State mandates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings by the year 2030. Midea was designated as a primary partner to develop and deliver 20,000 cold climate packaged window heat pump units that can better serve the heating and cooling needs of existing multifamily buildings and help expedite the transition away from fossil fuels.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was not just a celebration but a declaration of Midea’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the United States and North America. Distinguished guests, including Congresswoman Meng and Chris Corcoran, Assistant Director, New York State Energy and Resource Development Authority (NYSERDA), shared their insights on the critical need for HVAC advancements, promoting equitable access to green technologies and the impact of federal and state incentives on the shift to electrification. The facility in Queens is just the beginning, with plans to introduce more showrooms across the New York metropolitan area and expand with additional distributors and showrooms across the country.

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The Midea showroom, operated in tandem with Ai-Midea Air Conditioning, is located at 158-15 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366. Contractors and companies interested in becoming a Midea heat pump distributor, or consumers interested in upgrading to innovative Midea heating and cooling solutions, should call 1-888-MIDEA NA (1-888-643-3262).

For more information about heat pumps and the Midea products available at the Queens Showroom, please visit