Dettson D3 Chinook Compact

Dettson Introduces the Smallest Gas Furnace Footprint in the Industry

March 22, 2019

Squeezing large bulky equipment into tight spaces is no longer a problem with the Dettson Chinook gas furnace. The Chinook has the smallest footprint of all gas furnaces in the industry and is available in 1-stage, 2-stage, 2-stage ECM and Modulating versions with lowest range capacities from 6,000 BTU up to 120,000 BTU. Not only is it perfect for small spaces, the Modulating version features a modulating gas valve and when paired with Dettson’s Alizé variable speed heat pump outdoor unit, provides superior comfort and energy efficiency.

Dettson D3 Chinook Compact
Dettson D3 Chinook Compact

Dettson Industries, owned by the Ouellet Group headquartered in Quebec, is a Canadian manufacturer that has developed innovative products and technologies since 1952. Dettson is the first HVAC manufacturer to use a side-discharge only approach for residential central systems. Among their contractor-friendly offerings are the HVAC in a BOX® solutions.

The HVAC in a BOX® solution combines Dettson’s Right-Sized System®, a matched Chinook gas furnace or Supreme electric modulating furnace and Alizé variable speed outdoor unit with their Smart Duct System® to provide the right capacity and airflow to meet the demands of today’s high-performance homes.

In 2018, Lantz Technologies Group (LTG), a business development firm, began assisting Dettson by introducing the Chinook and other products to the eastern U.S. market. These furnaces offer an excellent solution to multi-family new construction projects as well as a great retrofit application. The team at LTG is beyond excited with the possibilities. “I knew it was a unique piece of equipment but seeing is believing,” said Mindy Harrington, National Sales and Marketing Director for LTG after seeing the system for the first time. The Chinook Compact modulating 15,000 BTU furnaces was paired with a 1-ton coil and outdoor unit.

LTG is currently working with Steve Lee & Associates, a division of Sunbelt Marketing Inc. to set up distribution and training on the Dettson products in the southeast. For more information on the equipment please visit For sales information and product training please contact Mindy Harrington at