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Displaced Oil Employees Find New Life in the HVAC Industry

July 07, 2020

As job markets across the United States continue to struggle in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the impact of the virus on oil production is threatening severe consequences for the global economy. More than a dozen oil companies have declared bankruptcy so far in the United States alone, and widespread industry layoffs are expected to continue.

Perfect Technician AcademyPerfect Technician Academy (PTA), a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician training school based in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, has taken notice of the turmoil unfolding in the oil industry and is taking steps to mitigate it.

The award-winning trade school prides itself on catering to veterans and active-duty military transitioning to civilian life. However, Perfect Technician Academy has recently expanded its focus to include the men, women, and families displaced by oil field closures in and around Texas.

“Many similarities exist between the oil and HVAC industries. That’s largely why Perfect Technician Academy has garnered a variety of new students from oil-heavy states around the U.S. in recent months,” says Brett Hobson, Owner of Perfect Technician Academy.

“Having your livelihood pulled out from under you and beginning a new career path is an incredibly stressful situation to be in. When people learn about the nature of this industry though, how rewarding, lucrative, and pandemic-proof it is, they typically are left wishing they’d come to the school sooner,” Dr. Thomas Moorman, Provost and School Director of Perfect Technician Academy explains.

Perfect Technician Academy is truly making a difference by fighting for the well-being and stability of those most in need during this pandemic. PTA serves as a reminder that while challenging times may persist, opportunity always exists for those who are willing to pursue it.

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Perfect Technician Academy offers a six-week training program combining technical instruction and hands-on experience that allows successful students to immediately enter the workforce as HVAC technicians. The school partners with employers and businesses nationwide to place their graduates with reputable companies that recognize the value of properly trained employees.