E Flow Technologies SMARTPACK

E Flow Technologies Announces SMARTPACK Advanced-Performance Fan Packs and CUSTOMFAN Solutions with Unlimited Configurations

February 06, 2020
E Flow Technologies announces two innovative fan packs: SMARTPACK™ advanced-performance plug-and-play fan packs, and CUSTOMFAN™ solutions with unlimited configurations using Multi-Wing impellers.
E Flow Technologies SMARTPACKSMARTPACK is engineered to meet stringent low-noise and high-efficiency requirements in industrial and commercial heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR), and heat exchange applications. SMARTPACK’s construction includes a custom-configured Multi-Wing fan, AC or EC motor, fan guard and shroud made from a strong metal frame with a plastic skin. It’s a robust design to meet harsh environment requirements. IP classes up to 66 are possible as well temperatures from -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C) for the advanced heavy-duty versions. SMARTPACK is offered in 35.43- and 49.21-inch (900 and 1250 mm) diameters. The AC SMARTPACK comes with a proven standard motor design. High-efficiency and fully controllable, EC SMARTPACK systems have a robust motor design with built-in EC technology.
“SMARTPACK sets a new standard for medium-pressure fans with the lowest possible operating noise and highest performance,” says Martin Ochs, sales director of E Flow Technologies. “SMARTPACK provides 20 percent more airflow and noise levels 10 dB(A) lower than competitive products.”
E Flow satisfies customers’ high-performance demands with SMARTPACK. To learn more about SMARTPACK or to use the advanced selection app, visit www.eflowtec.com, call +1 440.834.9400 or email [email protected]
CUSTOMFAN, with unlimited fan pack configurations, is engineered to meet specific customer requirements. Each CUSTOMFAN solution is designed and engineered to deliver high performance for precise application specifications without adapting the customer’s system to fit a stock or catalog fan package. Available in a range of materials and thousands of configurations, Multi-Wing fans optimize the toughest air movement challenges. Working closely with customers to develop the best solutions, E Flow’s CUSTOMFAN team has extensive air movement and application knowledge. This expertise is supported by advanced engineering and testing protocols, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and accredited test chambers. During the design process, E Flow’s engineering team takes all factors into consideration to achieve optimum airflow, minimal vibration and reduced operating noise.
CUSTOMFAN is a highly flexible concept. To learn more about CUSTOMFAN and use the CUSTOMIZER app, visit www.customfan.net, call +1 440.834.9400 or email [email protected]
Multi-Wing Group
Multi-Wing Group was established in the United States, Canada and Mexico in 1972 as Multi-Wing America. Headquartered in Middlefield, Ohio, Multi-Wing America is North America’s leading supplier of high-performance, modular axial fans in the broadest range of materials and blade profiles. Multi-Wing America is ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2004 certified.
E Flow Technologies
A global company, E Flow Technologies is an entity of the Multi-Wing Group. E Flow Technologies delivers exceptional service and high-efficiency products to exceed stringent and ever-changing requirements for the commercial and industrial HVACR, heat exchangers and engine cooling industries. E Flow Technologies produces the most energy-efficient fan packs, which include custom-configured, high-performance Multi-Wing impellers and a broad selection of AC and EC motors. E Flow’s SMARTPACK and CUSTOMFAN fan packs deliver a quick return on investment for HVAC, refrigeration, ventilation and engine cooling industries. The team at E Flow Technologies has more than 60 years of industry experience. Their technical expertise, business awareness and application insights bring advanced innovation to every fan product and customer solution.