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New Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor Can Help Save Lives…and Your Business

February 06, 2020
HVACR contractors and technicians are responsible for the byproducts of any combustion appliances that they install, service, and maintain. Even when properly installed and maintained, combustion appliances can still generate carbon monoxide.
Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning has led to HVACR contractors being sued and/or charged with the death of their clients. Situations like this are avoidable by including a low-level carbon monoxide monitor with each installation, service, or maintenance call they perform.
carbon monoxide monitorWhile there are many CO monitors commercially available, most are high-level monitors, that are not designed to alarm until a contaminant level of 70 PPM (parts per million) or higher is detected for at least one hour. This means that building occupants can be exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide without even knowing it!
The Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (COSA) and Test Products International Inc. (TPI) are pleased to announce the release of the new 780 low-level CO Monitor. This new monitor will display:
·      real time CO concentration, alarming at levels as low as 10 PPM (parts per million),
·      peak CO concentration over a 24-hour period,
·      Carboxyhemoglobin levels.
The 780 low-level monitor provides both audible and visual alarms.
Every building should have low-level monitors that alert the occupants before anyone starts feeling the effects that CO exposure cause.
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