EB&L Marketing is Now Change HVAC Marketing

April 12, 2021

EB&L Marketing, a 20-year-old, full-service HVAC marketing firm, is pleased to announce the launch of their new company brand: CHANGE HVAC Marketing. The “tra-digital” (traditional and digital) marketing company has been evolving and growing, and their branding needed to be updated to reflect the positive changes at the agency. An expanding digital department offers HVAC contractors a full range of social media and digital advertising, with exciting new products like OTT and addressable retargeting supporting the more traditional forms of contractor marketing, like direct mail. The company is also working with major manufacturers to develop a series of online marketing classes for contractors. The first course, from their educational division CHANGE COURSES, which teaches the fundamentals of creating a successful marketing plan, is being released simultaneously with the new company branding. “Revamping a company name and branding is no small undertaking. But as we expanded and brought on new services and new HVAC marketing educational tools, we realized we’d simply outgrown our old brand.” says Elaina Wellstead, company president. “The residential HVAC industry is evolving, and so too are the habits and search options for the homeowners our clients’ serve. We chose CHANGE HVAC Marketing because the name itself encompasses our mission. ‘Change’ as a concept is simple, timeless, powerful and disruptive. We will use these concepts to change the way our clients promote their HVAC companies, and they will prosper as a result.” Even for a professional marketing company, changing your company identity isn’t easy.

“We’ve put so many of our contractor clients through a rebranding process. Now we have a full appreciation of what a pain it is” laughs Wellstead. “It’s definitely a lot of work, but we can show them that we walked the walk, and we’re better for it.”

All team members, along with owners, Wellstead and Molly Mahoney, have remained at the agency and the company is currently hiring more professional team members.

CHANGE HVAC Marketing is a full-service tra-digital marketing firm, providing a full range of custom and turnkey marketing tools to HVAC contractors, distributors and manufacturers. The company’s educational division, CHANGE Courses, provides online and classroom courses, and speakers for HVAC industry events. More information on marketing and education, along with a free marketing blog for contractors, The exCHANGE, can be found on the company’s website at