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Eneref Institute Launches “Cool Room. Cool Earth.” Campaign to Encourage Expanded Use of Inverter-Driven HVAC Systems

Eneref Institute, a leading advocate for sustainable development, has brought together a consortium of organizations including municipalities, homebuilders and manufacturers to encourage greater use of inverter-driven variable-speed air conditioners and heat pumps in residential and commercial properties. Eneref Institute is a research and advocacy organization with initiatives to inspire solutions that promise an earth-friendly economy.
Eneref Inverter-drive HVAC report coverLink to #CoolRoomCoolEarth Campaign landing page: https://eneref.org/impact/coolroom/
Link to Eneref Report on inverter-driven HVAC technology: http://bit.ly/eneref_inverter
“Limiting global warming will require rapid and far-reaching transitions in energy use,” said Seth Warren Rose, Founding Director of Eneref Institute. “We need to make unprecedented changes to ensure a sustainable and equitable society. Every extra bit of warming matters”
Inverter-driven HVAC systems consistently outperform more traditional single-stage systems, as reflected in their higher SEER ratings. According to Eneref Institute, every opportunity for efficiency should be explored because air conditioners account for 6% of all US electricity use, releasing roughly 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year.
Even though inverter-driven variable-speed air conditioners are 30% more efficient than traditional single-stag air conditioners, less than 5% of homes in the US use the technology because it tends to be more costly. In collaboration with a number of major stakeholders, the Eneref Institute #CoolRoomCoolEarth Campaign will target leading homebuilders, commercial builders and public utilities organizations to encourage the urgent adoption of efficient inverter technology to help reduce global warming.
About Eneref Institute
Eneref Institute is a research and advocacy organization for sustainable development. The goal of Eneref Institute is to raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that foster an earth-friendly economy. Eneref Institute works to promote sustainable solutions with US and international government agencies as a liaison between government and the industry. Eneref develops influential initiatives that lead others, with messaging designed to build advocacy for common-sense solutions that achieve effective results. Eneref Institute reports are available for download. Visit www.eneref.org.