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Expanded Enclosure A/C Inventory

Seifert Systems, Inc. announces completion of their warehouse expansion significantly increasing the types and quantity of enclosure air conditioners ready to ship.
Seifert Systems U.S. recently expanded both its office space and has doubled its warehouse space.

Dan Valentino, National Sales Manager for Seifert Systems
Dan Valentino, National Sales Manager for Seifert Systems

“This expansion and increased inventory allows us to better meet customer demand and reduce lead times” says Dan Valentino, National Sales Manager for Seifert Systems.

Air conditioners with popular cooling capacities within 1,000 to 21,000 BTU/hr are in stock and ready to ship. Among these are the Progressive, filterless SlimLine and Compact Series of enclosure air conditioners as well as thermoelectric coolers.

Seifert enclosure air conditioners come with a 2-Year warranty. SlimLine units are only 4.5 in deep and many Progressive units share the same size footprint for easier planning when needed for more than one application.

To learn more contact Seifert Systems, Inc. at 401-294-6960 or view specific SoliTherm family of enclosure air conditioners information view https://www.seifertinc.com or email info.us@seifertsystems.com.