Fairbanks heating system

Fairbanks Energy Services Designs New, Highly Efficient Heating System for RSCC Wire & Cable

March 21, 2020

Fairbanks Energy Services, a full-service design/build energy efficiency firm and developer of comprehensive commercial and industrial efficiency projects, announced today the completion of an HVAC and mechanical system upgrade for RSCC Wire & Cable, a leader in high performance cabling systems applications. The energy efficiency retrofit resulted in a new heating system. These efficiency measures are estimated to save RSCC Wire & Cable over 402,800 kWh annually.

Fairbanks heating systemPrior to this upgrade, 140,000+ square feet of RSCC Wire & Cable’s manufacturing space was serviced by a steam generator with heat exchanger that served a hot water loop and 13 air handlers (AHUs). The boiler and AHUs were energy intensive and in need of repair or replacement, but the replacement of the AHUs was problematic due to their location above the production area. RSCC Wire & Cable turned to Fairbanks Energy Services for a new heating system design.

The heating system Fairbanks Energy Services developed is highly energy efficient and solves the replacement issue. The system consists of four new, 100% outside air heaters, each rated for 1,386,000 BTUH. The units are installed on the roof and have a 92% efficiency rating.

With a project payback of 2.5 years, the upgrades are estimated to save RSCC Wire & Cable over $55,000 per year with 401,874 kWh and 11,223 therms saved annually. To help fund more than 65% of the project, Fairbanks Energy Services secured a utility incentive of over $340,000.

“We are very happy with the upgraded mechanical system design and installation by Fairbanks Energy Services,” said Jeff Rasmus, Technical Manager, RSCC Wire & Cable. “Because they custom-engineered the new system to our facility’s specifications, we are gaining improved equipment control, annual financial savings and a great project payback alongside the efficiency benefits.”

“The mechanical solutions we designed for RSCC Wire & Cable reflect our HVAC team’s expertise in bespoke design and efficiency measures,” said Peter Fairbanks, President, Fairbanks Energy Services. “HVAC efficiency upgrades continue to grow in importance for commercial/industrial companies of all sectors. Retrofits, custom-engineering and mechanical controls are critical considerations for improving facility operations.”

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