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Ferguson Announces Their Status as Carrier Dealer and Mingledorff Nomination

February 27, 2020

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company is an official authorized dealer for Carrier. As a result of their performance in 2019, they have earned the nomination from Mingledorff as “The New Dealer of the Year.” Carrier and Mingledorff are renowned names in the development and distribution of HVAC products, especially in the Southeast region.

Alan Ferguson
Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson, company president says, “Ever since the beginning, this company has been about great service and integrity. Even though our company has grown and changed over the years, we still operate with the same principles which my father and grandfather set forth so many years ago. As we continue to grow, I always want to honor the legacy of my family through excellent customer service, hard work, and unshakable integrity. 70 years of business is an exciting milestone, but 70 years of conducting business with high standards is the greater accomplishment. In the next 70 years, all of my team at Ferguson will remain committed to carrying on the legacy of hard work, integrity, and customer care established by our founders. Thank you for choosing Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company for the past 70 years and we look forward to serving you in the years to come.”

He goes on to say, “We are proud to be recognized as a Mingledorff’s New Dealer of the Year and a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.” Being an authorized dealer means that Carrier trusts the HVAC service and will direct interested parties in their products to such dealers. The Carrier seal of approval communicates that the HVAC service has proved to be efficient, professional, and experienced.

Mingledorff and Carrier have been connected since 1939 as Mingledorff’s began as a franchised Carrier installation contractor. Although Mingledorff has moved more into the wholesale distribution sphere, they still have a vested interest in seeing quality HVAC work being completed.

The Mingledorff nomination for Ferguson means that Ferguson has demonstrated the professionalism and leadership that Mingledorff views as foundational to the job. “Receiving a nomination from a leader in the HVAC industry with such an established reputation is an honor and we look forward to growing as a dealer in the year to come as well,” Ferguson shared.

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company has lived by the motto, “The Name You Can Trust since 1946,” from the beginning. The company was founded by George D. Ferguson and his son J. D. As a family-owned business with four generations represented, they have sought to establish long-lasting relationships with their customers. They are a full-service HVAC provider with extensive services, including repairs, add-ons, replacements, new construction and custom homes, and air purification. Their services are available for residential and commercial clients.

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