Fiber Bond’s Enhanced VE3® Technology Inactivates Influenza, SARS-CoV-2 in HVAC Filtration Systems

December 19, 2023

Air Filtration Pioneer Unveils Newest Innovation to Better Protect the Air We Share

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — Fiber Bond, a pioneer in air filtration solutions, is proud to announce the latest breakthrough in its product lineup.

Building on its earlier success in inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Fiber Bond’s VE3® Technology has now proven its exceptional ability to combat influenza as well. This revolutionary advancement reinforces Fiber Bond’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art products that significantly contribute to safer indoor environments.

Unmatched Protection Against COVID-19 & Influenza

Fiber Bond’s VE3® Technology is a cutting-edge, engineered chemistry developed in-house by its researchers and engineers. Extensive lab testing conducted in 2020 by Microbac Laboratories, Inc. demonstrated VE3® Technology achieves 99.99% inactivation of the airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus within just 15 minutes.

Further testing at CDC-certified Microbac has independently verified VE3™ can effectively neutralize the flu virus as well. VE3® caused an astounding 99.9995% (5.3 Log10) reduction of the active influenza virus test challenge. This testing proves VE3® can provide an additional layer of viral protection beyond the successes demonstrated against the virus that causes COVID-19.

“Back in 2020, we knew we were onto something special,” said Greg Wilkerson, president and CEO of Fiber Bond and Blocksom & Company.

“This additional research by the Fiber Bond technical team shows our continued efforts to protect the air we all share. The team was elated, though not surprised, that VE3® has proven to be even more effective against influenza than SARS-CoV2. With the combination of VE3® and Spor-Ax®, Fiber Bond products can really provide peace of mind in difficult settings like schools, mass transit vehicles and certain agricultural environments. Cleaner air helps to maintain a safer environment for all of us, and humans aren’t the only direct beneficiaries. VE3® is also well suited to help protect against the financially devastating and needless loss of animals due to influenza in the livestock and poultry operations that are so integral to our food supply.”

Advantages of VE3 Technology

Dual Defense Against Viruses: Fiber Bond’s VE3® Technology offers a comprehensive solution, providing unparalleled protection against both SARS-CoV-2 and influenza. Its effectiveness has been validated through rigorous independent testing, and it’s now a powerful tool in your fight against airborne pathogens.

Rapid Inactivation: Within 15 minutes of contact, Fiber Bond VE3® Technology ensures certain viral threats are effectively neutralized at levels nearing 100%, significantly reducing the risk of transmission within your indoor space.

Proven Expertise: With more than 40 years of expertise in air filtration and specialty nonwovens, Fiber Bond has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing custom media and products for HVAC, transportation, aerospace and geotextiles.  Our experience and reputation promise you the utmost quality and reliability.

EPA-Registered Spor-Ax Antimicrobial Agent: To further enhance protection, Fiber Bond VE3® Technology includes our exclusive EPA-registered Spor-Ax® antimicrobial agent. A biocide rather than common biostat, Spor-Ax® is effective at preventing and stopping fungal and bacterial growth on the filter media.

Take Charge of Your Indoor Air Quality

Fiber Bond’s VE3® Technology is designed for use in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural air handling systems. Our enhanced technology is integrated into the adhesive bonding agent used in the manufacturing of Fiber Bond’s nonwoven filtration media and won’t dissipate.

Call today to upgrade to Fiber Bond’s VE3®-equipped, high-efficiency air filters, and breathe easy knowing you have a robust defense against both influenza and COVID-19.

 About Fiber Bond

With a proven track record spanning four decades, Fiber Bond is a leading expert in air filtration and specialty nonwovens. Our commitment to innovation and unwavering standards drives us to develop products that optimize air quality and create healthier, safer environments for everyone.

For more information about Fiber Bond and its revolutionary VE3® Technology, please visit www.fiberbond.net/ve3/, or contact:

Bob McAfee

Director of Sales and Marketing