New Wireless Dual-port JL3MN Manometer from Fieldpiece Instruments works with the Job Link® System App.

Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces an Easier Way to Measure Static and Gas Pressure with New Job Link System Wireless Manometer

April 23, 2020

Fieldpiece Instruments, the only company solely dedicated to creating tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces a new dual-port wireless manometer that works with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App for taking pressure measurements quickly and easily. The JL3KM2 dual-port manometer allows the HVACR professional to document readings in the Job Link® System app from up to 350 feet away.

New Wireless Dual-port JL3MN Manometer from Fieldpiece Instruments works with the Job Link® System App.
New Wireless Dual-port JL3MN Manometer from Fieldpiece Instruments works with the Job Link® System App.

The Fieldpiece Job Link® System app is a robust app used with compatible HVACR test instruments for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and evaluating HVACR systems.  Because the probes are not tethered – single, dual, and multi-port measurements are not limited by the length of the hose and can be placed in the perfect locations on the system (multi-port will be available this summer). The measurements are more accurate because the probes can be placed behind closed doors and in tight locations.

Technicians can take inlet gas pressure, outlet gas pressure, and total external static pressure of a furnace with multiple probes hooked up and view them all at the same time in the Job Link® System App. An indicator switch on the manometer automatically tells the Job Link System which side is being tested with the color-code switch (Blue is for P1 and Red is for P2).

View real-time return static, supply static, and total external static pressure all at once with just two probes. The system allows for up to eight individual manometers at one time in the Job Link App. This is helpful when measuring real-time pressure drops between blowers, filters, and coils with multiple probes (more than two readings up to eight will be available this summer). The results will display at the same time on the mobile device using Job Link® System App.

“Pair these probes with the other Job Link Probes and you have a powerful set of tools that give you a total snapshot of the equipment all in a small form factor,” said Russ Harju, Product Manager Fieldpiece Instruments. Harju added, “We made these tools so easy to deploy at a job site that there is no excuse not to measure your static pressure at every job.”

Other features include a rugged housing; sturdy, rotating magnet to hold the manometer in place; gas adapter and static pressure accessory comes standard; and strong metal barb tips. In addition, the JL3MN measurements can be zeroed on the tool itself so there is no fumbling with the app.

The JL3MN is sold as a single pack and includes the JL3MN, slide-on Gas Adapter, extra hose with Brass Screw Fitting, and a Static Pressure Probe. The JL3KM2 is a double pack dual manometer and includes two JL3MNs, a case, two slide-on Gas Adapters, extra hose with two Brass Screw Fittings, and two Static Pressure Probes.

The trade price for the JL3MN is $124.00 and the JL3KM2 is $183.00. They are available at distributors now. For more information about the JL3MN and JL3KM2 please visit the product page through this link, or call us at 714.634.1844.

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