Parker QuadSEAL filter

Parker Introduces QuadSEAL 4”, MERV 14 Rated, High-Efficiency Extended Surface Box Cell Filters for Commercial HVAC Applications

April 23, 2020

Parker HVAC Filtration, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announces its new QuadSEAL® 4″ MERV14 rated filter designed specifically for commercial HVAC applications helps building owners earn points toward LEED green building certification.

Parker QuadSEAL filterParker QuadSEAL 4″ filters are ideal for HVAC systems across a variety of markets including hotels and entertainment complexes, food processing, microelectronics manufacturing, data centers, commercial office buildings, schools and universities, clean manufacturing facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, government institutions, and industrial manufacturing.

Two defining characteristics make QuadSEAL filters an especially unique energy-saving filtration solution:

  1. Parker’s own proprietary E-pleat® media technology efficiently directs airflow through the filter for low resistance. Adhesive beads bond the pleats into a rigid pack for even loading and complete media utilization.
  2. A flexible foamed polyurethane frame incorporates a QuadSEAL integrated gasket on all four sides (air leaving and perimeter of the frame). The media pack is 100% bonded into the foamed frame, eliminating bypass and the need for additional sealants or adhesives. The frame is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and corrosion and can flex without becoming damaged.

Depending on the use, people were seeking a filter solution that could flex during installation and eliminate the possibility of air bypass altogether. QuadSEAL meets these demands in a compact 4-inch size that delivers all the filter performance of a 12-inch model.

The high-efficiency filter utilizes exclusive gold synthetic media with an embossed design to hold two times more dust than other surface box filters on the market. The media resists tearing, damage, moisture, and microbial growth which translates into a longer product life requiring fewer changeouts.

The compact 4-inch size and light-weight construction of the QuadSEAL filter line provides for easy handling and installation, reduce storage space, and lower shipping costs. Additional benefits include:

  • Significant energy savings achieved through low pressure drop
  • Interchangeable width and height dimensions; filters can be installed with pleats oriented vertically or horizontally
  • Silicone-free design (no silicone components used in the manufacturing process)
  • Rated face velocity of 500 FPM
  • Maximum operating temperature of 200°F (93°C)
  • Classified per UL 900 for flammability

To learn more about Parker’s LoadTECH filters, please contact Pam Henley, Parker HVAC Filtration Division, at 866-247-4827 or [email protected]