Kenny Heggelund and Kevin Kennel

Flick Distributing Features Mason Products

June 29, 2019

Kevin Kennel has had good success with the Mason Products at Flick Distributing Company in Harahan.

Kenny Heggelund and Kevin Kennel
Kenny Heggelund and Kevin Kennel

Kevin explained, “Not all vibration pads are the same. In fact, you can tell by the feel of the product that the Mason rubber pads are going to absorb more vibration than another product that is rock hard. You can feel the flexibility and the quality of the Mason pads, when comparing it to other products. It’s simple, a softer pad that yields is superior to a pad that is stiff and unyielding.”

Kevin continued, “Additionally, if a rubber pad is not the solution to your vibration problem, Mason has other products that will definitely solve your problem. Some of our customers have had success with the neoprene mounts. They even tried stacking the rubber pads, but it didn’t completely solve their problem. Neoprene mounts did solve their problem because neoprene mounts deflect more vibration than do rubber pads.”

Mr. Kennel concluded, “When all else fails or if you don’t want to experiment, spring isolators work the best. Spring isolators reduce vibration simply because they provide the greatest deflection of vibration. It’s simple physics. Seriously, Mason Products probably has a solution for any type of vibration problem you encounter. They have a complete product line for both residential and commercial HVAC units and have help a simple phone call away.”