Tanya Diaz, Miguel Diaz, Bob Gee, Steve Corcoran and Brian Driskill.

Flick Distributing Presents Bob Gee Training

April 30, 2019

The ‘Taking Your Company to the Next Level’ class is what Bob Gee calls a “Working Group.” In March, Flick Distributing sponsored the class for their dealers.

Tanya Diaz, Miguel Diaz, Bob Gee, Steve Corcoran and Brian Driskill.
Tanya Diaz, Miguel Diaz, Bob Gee, Steve Corcoran and Brian Driskill.

Mr. Gee explains “It is designed for up to 6 people. The distributor will hand-pick owners of companies who he feels have the potential and desire to grow. Most Working Groups are normally made up of dealers with a volume of $1m or less. That is not a requirement, but this is the category of dealer who normally have more fire in their bellies but have not yet developed a strategic plan for their business.”

Bob continued “We primarily focus on maximizing the four business outcomes for a successful business. Profitability; Productivity; Employee recruitment, development and retention; Customer Satisfaction. The Working Group concept is a very intensive two-day experience. Participants are required to come to class with their most current P&L (for their eyes only), a profile of their employees, and their policies and procedures with regard to customer satisfaction, after the sale follow-up, conflict resolution, etc.”

“Over the two days, we explore ways they can increase the profitability of their business using several case studies and applying the 5-2-1-1 principle to their P&L’s. Increase sales by 5%. Increase gross profit by 2%. Reduce cost of sales by 1%. Reduce overhead by 1%. When they see the result of this exercise they are then open to the ‘hows’ of getting there.”

“We outline business plans and provide a template; write job descriptions; develop proforma’s; calculate the lifetime value of a customer to their business; introduce and practice a successful selling model; design monthly, quarterly and semi-annual all-employee company meetings; develop formats for performance review; and much more. About 55% lecture and case studies and 45% hands-on… working on their business.”

Bob concluded by saying “These are fun for me and probably the most productive work that I do.”

Bob Gee has over 40 years experience as a business executive, speaker, seminar leader, consultant and author. Along the way he achieved award-winning results as a sales person and then trained others to set sales records for Fortune 500 companies. In 1987 he was elected international President of the 22,000 member worldwide association Sales & Marketing Executives International. After 26 years in the corporate world he founded Robert Gee & Associates in 1989. He spends hundreds of hours a year volunteering in a collegiate setting with Masters Degree students. You can contact Bob at (501)-993-2316 or [email protected]