Tommy Flick welcomes the class.

Flick Distributing Presents Ultra-Aire Training

October 19, 2020

Flick Distributing Company held two Ultra-Aire dehumidification training classes at the FDC training room located at 344 Time Saver Avenue. The first class was on Wednesday, September 30th and the second was on Thursday, October 1st. Both classes went from 5:30 to 7:30 PM and were facilitated by Jake Hinson of Ultra-Aire.

Tommy Flick welcomes the class.
Tommy Flick welcomes the class.

Class attendees were introduced to a variety of subjects including:

  • When and why dehumidification is needed
  • Why an A/C unit is not the best choice for whole house dehumidification
  • How to present dehumidification to homeowners
  • Proper dehumidification sizing
  • How to install dehumidifiers

Mr. Hinson kept the two hour training sessions informative and interesting for the class attendees.

Some members of the Flick Distributing team were present at both classes to help with ensuring that proper Covid 19 protocols were observed. These included hand sanitizing and remaining masked until seated for the class. A light dinner and drinks were served once all participants were seated. The training room had been sanitized with the Pro Line spray and the HVAC unit was equipped with a Second Wind PCO air purifier. To further add to the precautions the training room is ventilated with a negative air system.

The training classes were offered at no charge to the attendees, but a donation to the “Flick Distributing Lake Charles Hurricane Relief Fund” was welcomed.

Additional photos of the training classes are available here.