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Growth Opportunities for Commercial Ductless

October 19, 2020

By Mike Luke for CE News

Ductless heating and cooling systems have certainly become a popular alternative to “traditional” HVAC systems over the years — especially in residential applications. However, in recent years, we’ve also seen an increased demand for commercial ductless heating and cooling solutions. As ductless technology continues to improve, we only expect that this trend will continue and that more business owners will begin making the switch to these innovative heating and cooling solutions.

More About Commercial Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless systems (also commonly referred to as mini-split systems) operate through a series of individual wall- or ceiling-mounted, or even ducted units connected to a central outdoor unit. This outdoor unit has a similar function as a “traditional” central air conditioner’s condensing unit, in that it is responsible for creating and manipulating the states of flowing refrigerant to provide for indoor heating or cooling requirements. Refrigerant is then sent to and from each individual wall unit or air handler and back to the outdoor unit as required, to create a comfortable space indoors.

Practical Applications for Commercial Ductless

There are many reasons as to why more businesses are turning to commercial ductless solutions for their interior comfort needs. For starters, these systems allow for a greater level of temperature and comfort customization when compared to a traditional HVAC system. Because each room in a commercial building can enjoy its own individual air handler and temperature controls, everybody can stay comfortable without wasting energy.

This customized temperature control also comes in handy in larger facilities, where it may not otherwise make financial sense to continue running the building’s air conditioning after regular business hours when just a few employees will remain in the building. With a ductless system, the air conditioning can continue to run only in specific offices and rooms where these employees will be working.

And of course, ductless systems will always have a place in historical buildings or older buildings where it may otherwise not be possible to retrofit the space with extensive ductwork. Foregoing the need for ductwork altogether, a ductless system can help keep the space comfortable without major aesthetic changes.

The Future of Commercial Ductless

Clearly, ductless heating and cooling systems can solve many issues that a traditional HVAC system simply cannot. Part of why commercial clients are also increasing their demand for ductless systems likely has to do with recent technology innovations.

Ductless Equipment and More From CE

As more innovations reach the ductless heating and cooling industry, you can be sure that CE will have the latest and greatest in ductless equipment and accessories. Browse our online inventory today and contact us to find out more about our offerings!

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