Mini-split maintenance best practices e-book

Free “Mini-Split Maintenance Best Practices” E-book Now Available

May 31, 2019

As mini-split—or ductless—systems continue to gain global popularity, SpeedClean, in collaboration with HVACR School, has developed a free guide to provide a better understanding of how to properly maintain and clean these systems. The free e-book called “Mini-Split Maintenance Best Practices” is available for download on the SpeedClean website.

Mini-split maintenance best practices e-bookAccording to Navigant Research, it is estimated that annual revenue from ductless cooling systems will grow to more than $9 billion by 2020. As with any piece of HVAC equipment, ductless systems require regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain efficiency.

“Mini-split systems create a big opportunity for HVAC companies and technicians, giving them an additional service to offer and increase profitability,” says Mike Hardy, vice president of SpeedClean. “Our team, in collaboration with HVACR School, created this e-book to help technicians be more confident in knowing the correct steps for properly maintaining ductless systems.”

Some of the information included in the e-book is:

  • Advantages of Ductless Systems
  • Importance of Maintenance
  • Key Maintenance Results
  • Segments of Proper Ductless Maintenance
  • Cleaning Tools and Materials for Ductless Systems
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment
  • Step by Step Process
  • Dos and Don’ts Chart
  • Types of MiniSplit Air Handlers

“There is a lot of potential maintenance revenue with the growth in mini-split systems, so we’re excited to work with SpeedClean to develop this educational e-book,” says Bryan Orr, founder of HVAC School. “I encourage technicians to download this book as a helpful roadmap for how to properly maintain and clean mini-split systems quickly and efficiently.”

You can download the free “Mini-Split Maintenance Best Practices” e-book here. If you would like more information on SpeedClean’s specialty professional maintenance tools and equipment, visit for product and distributor information or call 888-700-3540.

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