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Friedrich Ushers in Next-Gen HVAC Solutions for 2020

February 10, 2020

Better, smarter, more precise than ever–with the kick-off of a new year and decade, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heating, cooling and other room air conditioning products, is pioneering the way with the latest products and innovations.

“The way we heat, cool and condition the air in our living spaces and other indoor environments is undergoing a rapid transformation,” said TJ Wheeler, Friedrich Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “While there used to be just a handful of options available simply to control temperatures, the solutions are now much smarter, more sophisticated and efficient.”

For 2020, Friedrich is showcasing four major trends in the HVAC industry, including:

Trend #1: Connectivity Becomes Standard

What used to be an add-on or an upgrade option, integrated Wi-Fi capabilities are now becoming increasingly standard for a wider array of A/C solutions. In 2020, Friedrich will be the only A/C manufacturer in the United States  to offer built-in wi-fi  capabilities for ductless systems, as part of Friedrich’s Floating Air Pro and Premier Series Ductless Split System lines. The company is also the only brand to offer wall and window room A/C units with smart technology integrated throughout its entire line of units. With Friedrich Kühl, WallMaster, Chill Premier and UniFit, customers can choose from Wi-Fi-enabled units ranging from 6,000 to 36,000 BTUs.

Trend #2: Right-Sizing Optimizes Efficiency

Air conditioning solutions from large to small continue to replace or supplement the all or nothing central A/C options of yesteryears.  Friedrich offers systems capable of room-by-room customization and tremendous flexibility. Ductless systems are an especially popular way to “right-size” a solution specifically tailored to the needs of a living space, with no wasted output and without the need for ductwork, making them perfect for modular homes, add-on living spaces and retrofits. Portable units that produce just the right amount of on-the-go comfort also are increasingly popular as a highly efficient way to spot heat or cool a space.

For hospitality, multi-family and mixed-use commercial properties, individually controlled and customizable all-season heating and cooling solutions able to meet the needs of diverse and flexible spaces are essential to achieving improved efficiency and comfort. Friedrich’s award-winning VRP® (Variable Refrigerant Package) Heat Pump closet-mounted units, ranging from 1 to 3 ton sizes, provide exceptional performance and efficiencies (up to 20 SEER and 13.0 EER). Many of Friedrich’s lines, including VRP and Kühl room A/C units, also provides energy management capabilities. That allows units to be grouped together and managed by building personnel when needed to maximize energy efficiency and to help ensure each unit is operating properly without having to physically perform inconvenient or intrusive inspections.

Trend #3: Style Takes Center Stage

Based on individual preferences, Friedrich offers out of sight, out of mind in-closet A/C solutions with its VRP and Vert-I-Pak systems. At the other end of the spectrum, the company’s  window and wall-mounted styles are so sleek and modern, they are right at home in even the most beautiful interiors. For example, Friedrich’s stylish Kühl window units have a high-quality paint finish and a well-appointed digital control panel that many homeowners want to highlight rather than hide. With a beautifully streamlined design, Friedrich’s ductless interior unit options reflect the company’s focus on offering the industry’s most stylish solutions.

“Technology and gadgets have become an integral feature in today’s modern homes, so we make sure that all of our products offer cutting edge aesthetics and ultra-modern design that homeowners want,” said Wheeler.

Trend #4: Improved IAQ Drives Demand

Ways to better improve indoor air quality is becoming a top priority for homeowners, as well as multifamily and hospitality property owners who realize that good air quality impacts everything from improved sleep to reduced maintenance. Friedrich has integrated its patented FreshAire system into more of its product offering line up, which helps building owners meet ASHRAE 62.1-2013 for conditioned fresh air, bringing in up to 70 CFM of conditioned, MERV 8-filtered outside air, without the cost or complexity associated with large dedicated outside air systems. Friedrich’s Precision Inverter Compressor and onboard sensor technology found in its VRP and FreshAire PTAC also allows for sophisticated humidity control, helping ensure increased comfort for occupants.

“Today’s HVAC customer has more options to choose from than ever before, which allows for greater efficiency, better design and more precise comfort no matter what the setting,” said Wheeler. “Yet as the industry grows increasingly sophisticated, simplicity also rules the day with a focus on solutions that are easy and convenient to install, operate and maintain. In 2020, we’ll continue to see customers take advantage of these new developments to help maximize short and long-term returns on their HVAC investments.”

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