Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

August 22, 2020

Each year in the August issue I take time to thank all of our advertisers, manufacturers, and certainly all of our readers for the support you have given us over the years. This 2020 August issue is the beginning of our 29th year of bringing you industry leaders the news of the HVAC/R profession in Florida, as well as that of any national or international happenings that affect Florida. Please continue with your much appreciated support as you have done in the past 28 years.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

Not only are we celebrating the paper’s anniversary, but I am fortunate to be celebrating another birthday on August 30th. I say that I am fortunate because it is my 92nd one, and I am already beginning to look forward to the next one in 2021. Let’s hope the Coronavirus 19 is well under control by then and all we have to worry about is whether all the candles on my cake will burn the house down, or not. Time will tell.

This devastating virus is still doing great harm in Florida, with very few indications of letting up any time soon. There are too many people that are not giving enough concern as to how dangerous the situation is and are not taking the precaution to keep out of the harm’s way. Please do not wait until the virus hits you, or any of your family , or friends before you take notice that you need to do what is recommended to protect yourself and your family. Use a mask, especially in group association of any kind, such as grocery shopping, restaurant dining, church, or voting. Wash your hands often and sanitize them as well. No matter how old or young you, or your family are, you can catch the virus and if you, or they do, it will affect the whole lot of you.

Be smart, Be safe. We’ll talk again next month.