Pete Gardner

The Inside SEER: Reaching Out

August 22, 2020

By Pete Gardner

I would like to reach out to the manufacturers, suppliers and contractors who are working hard during this Covid-19 Pandemic. As we all are aware, this virus has definitely changed the way we have to do business. For those of you who have been working out in the field and in the manufacturing and supply arena, I would like to hear any of your experiences and the way it has affected the way you do business and the challenges that you have been able to overcome.

Pete Gardner
Pete Gardner

There are articles being written that have a lot to do with indoor air quality and this virus and can be damaging to the mindset of your customers. The industry works hard to produce the best quality systems possible to meet customers needs. If you have, or know of, adjustments or changes you have done that have been of great benefit to this current environment, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be very interested in hearing your voice and the issues that you have faced. Anything that you can say, or report, to assist the industry during this time I am sure would be of great help.

Thank you and have a safe and profitable month.