Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

October 05, 2019

August was an active month for me that I’ll not forget anytime soon. Not only was it the birthday of the HVAC Insider, Florida Edition, it was my birthday also. I remember my younger days when I didn’t want to have a birthday roll around because it meant I was getting old and I wasn’t ready for such nonsense. Now, I am happy to see one each year, because it means I am still here and getting older.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

By the way, on August 30, I turned 91 and immediately began looking forward to number 92. My friend, John McCord of The Fish N’ Pig local lakeside restaurant, set up a birthday party for me again this year and there were about 110 of my friends that showed up to help me celebrate and enjoy the super barbeque spread that John is famous for.

Several of the family and friends that came far included my 3 sons Russ, Steve, and Bob, daughter-in-law Kathy, grandson Spencer, Peter Montana of the HVAC Insider, Jerry and Cindy Lawson, founder and owner of the HVAC Insider, along with Kaye and Lee Sessions. Kaye is the National Sales Manager for the HVAC Insider. Loren and Cathy Hendley drove up from Valrico, FL., as well as longtime good friends Jerry and Maureen Barnum of Victor Supply of St. Petersburg, FL. My thanks to all my good friends who drove a mile, or 400 miles to enjoy the beautiful day with me. I greatly appreciated being with all of you, as well as the calls received from those who couldn’t make it.

Speaking of daughter-in-law, Kathy, I was extremely pleased and relieved to see her at the party doing so well in recovery after being hit by the young man who was on the cellphone. Since then, Kathy is back to work full time, driving the car, and walking without a walker or cane.

We’ll talk again next month.